Breezy Brain

Today my brain feels sooo weird. It’s like I’m here but I’m not… *cricket cricket*

Anyhoo! I went to Zumba last night and had a blast! I requested that we do my favorite song and Brittni (the instructor) did it! Have I expressed how much I love Zumba? ;) And my cold is still on its way out the door! Boo-yah!

We went to my cousins 13th birthday party after that for cake and ice cream. No ice cream for me. For the cake, I had them cut my piece in half and give the other half to my grandma… So I indulged but not too much. The cake was uber yummy, no complaints here. Might have cancelled out half of Zumba, but I’ll live. I’ve been very OP this week. It’s one (half) piece of cake, not feeling guilty, and moving on! =)

I’m feeling elliptical tonight while I catch up on the Top 12 Idol Men that I missed last night. If I don’t crash on my bed when I get home.

I really can’t explain it. My mind just feels, for lack of a better phrase, like a furry kitten spinning in circles after trying to follow a spinning toy. Or like it’s a little puff ball not really sure what to do or make of anything. Except it feels heavy too. Ah, just put squiggles over my eyes like in the cartoons and we’ll call it good.

Maybe I need a steak… they fix everything! XD

Have a thuper-duper Thursday!


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