Happy Hump Hug

Hehe… The title was a must. Wednesday is Hump Day. And hugs all around for everyone!

I missed blogging yesterday because I had a couple deadlines to hit.  Crazy day at school and at work. As soon as I got home, we went to visit my aunt and uncle’s new house, home to dinner, and right as I was sitting down to study for my Italian quiz, I recieve a text message–“You’re still coming to my birthday party tonight right?”

So I quickly got dressed and drove back downtown to a karaoke night for my buddy.  I ended up singing 2 songs and heard him sing a couple before I had to leave to make it some place else by 10:15. 

Last Friday, a good friend of one of my best friends was killed in a car crash. Last night there was a fundraiser at her favorite club that she frequented. She asked me to come for moral support, which I was happy to lend. Everyone was having a good time, having shots and dancing in her memory. No alcohol for me (I had to drive). It’s me and my friends’ fault that there was a dance off too. After that we all went to my friends house to unwind. Very sad circumstances… but she will always be remembered! She was a really sweet girl.

Met a guy there though. Well, technically we met back in 2007 when we both frequented the same club. I had a huge crush on him back then because he was a killer breakdancer. Last night, we flirted… a lot. He asked for my number and it didn’t take him long to ask me out after that. So now I’ve got a hiking date tomorrow night! =)

Didn’t get home til 12:30 then I didn’t sleep well. Now I’m running on some good adrenaline! My quiz this morning went really well despite not getting good sleep or studying. Now I’m trying to not mess up the day too bad by making bad food choices. Doing good so far but when the adrenaline dies, I’m going to be wanting sugar. Zumba’s tonight! =) Hopefully it won’t make my recovering cold take two steps back. Have a good one!

Give a hug to someone you love today or tell someone how much they mean to you. You’ll never want to wish you hadn’t.


Bitten by a Cold

My brother was hacking up something awful last week…

And now I am! So much for staying active. Just trying to keep myself sitting upright is a challenge. My head is stuffy which makes me want to just slam it into my desk until there is a dent there. But that’d probably make me feel worse, no matter how appealing it sounds.


Staying on track so far this week! Activity is on the low side unfortunately. Yesterday, I laid in bed virtually all day and got a few extra hours of zzz’s. Cold’s still holding on! I’m not going to be stupid and try and do something hard again too soon. But I need to get activity somehow! Maybe the stationary bike or something…

Gotta fly but I wanted to check in. Well not fly… drag would be the more correct term here.

Last Monday of Magical March Madness!

How did your month go? Any magical moments?

Feeling Good!

Got up way too early this morning to go to that audition… Turns out I can tell you what it is, but I can’t tell you if I make it or not. I asked!

I auditioned for America’s Got Talent.  I won’t find out if I made it or not until May 1st, but if I do–that’s when I can’t say anything about it ;)

Audition went really well! The local radio station producers who were hosting the filming of the auditions said I did great, so that was really assuring.  They are going to send all the audition tapes to the AGT producers and they pick who they want to come for a live audition in NYC.  *fingers crossed*
So even though I missed my meeting for the audition, I weighed myself at home.  I’m not sure if I can count it or not, but I really really really want to. You know how my activity points were high just over the past weekend?  I maintained activity every day this week and tracked every BLT even though I dipped way into my APs… it showed on the scale! Down nearly a pound. I know I’m supposed to be maintaining, but I’d rather really start maintaining when I hit below my goal since I have that two-pound leeway.  Is that bad? Haha…
Though I’m in a great mood, I’m now exhausted. After the audition jitters escape me, I’m ready to relax. =)
Do you like to use weekends to unwind or tackle all the tasks you couldn’t get to during the week?

Bro’s Birthday

That’s just what today is!  He was 18 going on 4.  :P

No but I love the kid when he’s not being a pain in me arse.  (“Kiss mine! In english!”) Speaking of him being that, he won’t tell anyone what he wants for his birthday!  I got him the video game he wanted for Christmas, so I think it wouldn’t be as cool if I just got him a giftcard or something from GameStop. Ugh… I just don’t know! What do you get for a video gamer brother who has almost every game already?!  I’ll have to stop at the mall on my way home.

Mom just told me it’s going to be a steak dinner. Yum! My stepdad’s steaks are some of the very best.

Oooh which reminds me! At dinner last night, there were a bunch of Reese’s (my ultimate candy weakness) easter eggs on the counter. You know, the ones where the ratio of peanut butter to chocolate is like 4 to 1?  I didn’t even have the slightest inclination of wanting to eat one! I’m quite shocked at myself. Normally when faced with Reese’s I have to devour them all at once just to get them out of the house since there’s no way I would let something that tasty go to waste. 

Bad news: I may have to miss my WI/meeting this weekend.  In my defense, its a killer opportunity that I’m doing instead. It’s an audition of sorts, but according to the consent and release contract, I’m not allowed to disclose anything about my audition and the following processes (if such happens) to anyone via any outlet. But my mom, my best friend, and her mom (since they are the ones who told me about it last night) all know I’m going to do it. So I’ll just say I have an audition in the morning! :P And that’s why I’m missing WI. Opportunity is too big to pass up if I make it. Plus, I’ll never know if I don’t try!

Haha, this is a really ADD post now that I look at it. It’s Friday–my mind is ready for a break! But I’m on spring break… Maybe I just need some ritalin XD

Have lovely weekends everyone!

Copy Cat Time

Everyone else was doing this 20 things about me this week… It’s been so fascinating learning about all my friends! So just in case you are interested as well, here’s my list.

1- I’ve been an avid Pokemon video gamer and collector for longer than a decade… I seriously buy new gaming systems just so I can collect all the games to play.

2- I have an addictive personality (see above)… which is why I will never ever try drugs. Other addictions include singing (well, music period), the blogosphere/Twitter, my BlackBery, writing (about 1000 words a day… lately its closer to 3000), travel, and more recently, exercising!

3- My body is almost always keeping some kind of rhythm or beat (translation: I struggle holding still).  Like my fingers will start playing an imaginary piano, my foot constantly bounces, or my head bobs to my ipod or the music running in my head. When I trip while walking to class and I’m listening to music, I seriously need to take a moment or two to regain my previous rhythm.  (Man, I’m doing shorter facts now…)

4- I get along much better with boys than girls.

5- My favorite color is silver and any richer version of a color (like maroon, royal blue, and forest green).

6- I’m a Disney geek. Been hooked since I was a kid. Favorite classics are Sleeping Beauty and Beauty & the Beast. Favorite Disney/Pixar collab- Ratatouille.

7- I miss the 90’s TV shows/cartoons like Kenan and Kel, Ren & Stimpy, Rugrats, Boy Meets World, Dinosaurs, Wishbone, etc.

8- Born on a Thursday. Been mad my entire life because it wasn’t a Friday since my birthday is on the 13th of October.

9- I may have a good GPA, but at times I can be really blonde. My common sense and street smarts are constantly in progress.

10- I’ve been a loner for much of my life. My best friend fixed that. But I still need my alone time a lot.

11- Nicknames I’ve earned include: The Walking Sweet Tooth, the Portable/Personal Jukebox, and the “girl who sings in the bathroom”.

12- Sea food is the devil to me (except clam chowder and tuna).

13- I do much better in everything when I have some sort of schedule or structure to my day. Order and patterns for me please (though occasional spontaneity is ok) Planning is pretty essential to me. Except when it comes to dinner because that’s almost always an uncertainty.

14- The number one thing I’m afraid of is tornados. Spiders also freak me out a little. And cats terrify me too… which is why they are the devil.

15- I’m notorious for randomly spouting movie/tv quotes or singing random songs.

16- My favorite food ever is cookies. Put one in front of me and I’m happy. Unless I’m trying really hard to stay on plan–then I’ll want to kill you for tempting me.

17- I’ve seen four of my singing idols perform live (in order in which I saw them): Reba McEntire, LeAnn Rimes, Lea Salonga, and Celine Dion.

18- Auditioned for American Idol a year and a half ago. They said I had a strong and promising voice but that I wasn’t what they were looking for that particular year (the year Adam Lambert was on it). I’m trying again this year =)

19- I’m an utter wimp when it comes to cold.

20- Once, I spent three hours looking up my family lines all the way back to 800 BC.  Turns out, I’m distantly related to the current royal family of England. My great (x12) grandpa was Baron Henry Percy 1st Earl of Northumberland… so I’m a descendant of King Henry III too. Isn’t genealogy fascinating?

Hope I didn’t bore you to tears. Haha! 20 facts is a lot!

Have a wonderful Friday Eve everybody!

Do you track your satiety after a meal? Do you find that helpful?

Save My Buns

That’s what the AP’s are going to do for me this week!  I was a little careless with my allotted point spending while in Vegas but I’m not beating myself up about it… On the upside, I’ve tracked it all! Even the 22-point dessert that I got at Yard House on Monday night. Yeah when I looked up those facts, I wanted to kick myself in the buns for not doing it sooner.  Instead, I figured I better just get on the activity wagon for the rest of the week!

Last night, after a long ride home, I went to the gym with my mom and did a stationary bike for an hour.  Haven’t ridden a stationary bike in years and I actually got a killer workout!  The tank top I wore was a good indicator of that (read: sweat marks all over my back and beneath my buhbies).  I was completely shocked… I was playing my new video game on my Nintendo DS while earning APs. It’s possible people!  But like an idiot, I turned off the game while it was saving so I lost the progress I made in that hour. Oh well! Can’t play my gameboy during Zumba though :P

Since I’m officially in my AP’s for the rest of week, I think I’ve ultimately conquered my fear of eating all of my weeklies and actually tracking it, being responsible for what I put in my mouth. Now’s the question of my self control. For Operation: Choose Your Own, I need a new challenge/occasion to motivate me and self control is going to be a big part of it. I’m also thinking that toning my buns will be a part of it too (feeling it last night in my buns gave me inspiration for that…). Off to brainstorm! =)

When it comes to spending points, what works best for you? Eating all, some, or more than your weekly allowance and going into your activity points?

Word from Sin City

Wow… finally a moment to get on the computer to track! Haha. Everything is tracked as of right now! Gone through half of my weeklies already, but its been in good fun and not out of control.

In the two and a half days I have been here, try and guess how many activity points I’ve earned?

29! And yes, in only 2.5 days! Makes me so glad that I loved dancing too much to not completely bust out when I get with my girly that I love in Vegas. It really is a killer workout! We danced for about 4 hours last night and about 5 the night before. We had way too much fun…

The first night, we both even found a guy to hang out with after the club. (I guess I have a Colorado boyfriend now seeing as he calls me his Utah girlfriend! Haha) We watched the sunrise over the eastern mountains… one word: stunning! As I rolled into the driveway, my dad was walking out of the door to retrieve the morning paper. Yeah… I stayed out all night. Completely worth it!

Normally I just go for the dancing. I don’t go to look for a guy… The first night, that one guy just kept on drawing my gaze for some reason. He felt there was a weird magnet between us. Haha! It actually irks me when guys try to start dancing with me. The only way I’ll want to dance with a guy is if I instigate it. Is that awful? I’m just there for the music baby!

Today since I was pretty much left at home, I decided to take an hour walk around the neighborhood. The sun is out so it’s pretty much amazing! Also it got me out of the house and away from my dad’s snack cabinet :P

The activity has also allowed me to enjoy my dad’s cooking a little more too, which is nice. His famous stroganoff is to die for! And tonight we are having a birthday dinner for my brother down at the Yardhouse. Yeah… really glad about the activity because their martinis and dessert are too good to pass up! We don’t have a Yardhouse in Utah which is probably a good thing for me.

Well, I’m off to shower and get ready! I hope you all have had amazing weekends! =)

What do you think is the funnest way to get in some activity?

Controversial Choice

I chose a really bad week to try and say no to indulgences… In my defense though, I was not expecting Tommy at all (I’m calling TOM that from now on… its easier for me for some reason).  I would have waited until Tommy was over if I had known it was coming.

No matter what Tommy influences me in the very worst ways.  I try my hardest to stay away from chocolate and all those other treats but my body just yearns for it.  Normal food doesn’t quite satisfy–it has to be chocolate.  That combined with my momentary emotional escapade (jealousy and uncertainty) last night in my otherwise fabulous day, I made a really controversial choice.

I ate the very last piece of my mom’s birthday cake. But it worked! I felt much better afterwards. It might have been the icing that made me feel better. That’s the whole thing! Its like my body truly needed it! I tracked it and now I only have AP’s left for today which I’m totally fine with.  That’s why emotional eating is so bittersweet: it does help the emotions and it replaces the emptiness you feel inside when certain emotions hit.  It’s a nice cushion.  But then it’s the worst food for you.  Very bittersweet.

To make up for it, I’ve planned out my meals for today to be sure I’m on the right track for my meeting tomorrow. I’m hoping I can squeeze in a little workout as well.  Still not sure if I’ll weigh-in. We’ll see how I feel in the morning and if Tommy’s 3 day curse will be broken or not.

Positive takeaway: I’ve learned not to be afraid of tracking EVERYTHING even if it means eating more than my weekly allowance. 

Have you ever found that an indulgence for a craving is just what the body really needed?

Why, hello!

First things first– the chocolate cake last night was AMAZING! Haha. It was rich and very yummy. The bad news: it’s left me with only 3.5 weekly points left to work with for today and tomorrow. I have 19 APs but I prefer not going into those.

Perfect timing for the cake too–Tom decided to gate crash last night. Which means my cravings for sweets sky rockets and I struggle not eating constantly.  The cake fixed it real well!  After the cake, I seriously felt like I could give up on chocolate for a month (yeah, like that‘ll happen). So today I’m nearly craving free!

And if you can stand any more good news, guess who got an A- on their Victorian Literature midterm?

…. ME! *does spastic happy dance*

And the icing on the cake was when our professor went amushuguna on the class about how Utah students refuse to learn what kind of literature warrants being underlined, italicized, or in quotation marks when mentioned in a paper–and how I got my paper back and realized I was one of the students who actually did it right! Booyah!

If you can’t tell, I’m in an exceptional mood today.  Here’s a happy little song I’m listening to from an old animated version of The Wizard of Oz. I hope it lifts your moods no matter where they stand! =)

They will say you’re a dreamer–a dreamer is what you are.
The kind to find your wishing star.
If you have hopes to count on, your hopes are not in vain
cause you can count on rainbows without rain.
You’ll find it’s strictly up to you:
Take your dream and make your dream come true!
Up to you!
There are butterflies you can pursue and they’ll be as if you want them to.
It’s strictly up to you!
It’s all true: all my dreams are here for me to view.
No one else believed what I just knew…
And now it’s all come true!

Don’t think about the bad stuff; it’s not important. 

What has made your day today?

St. Patty’s Day!

*sends virtual pinches to everyone NOT wearing green… don’t try to hide it* :P

This may be one of the most forgotten or passive holidays ever but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate!

Well, technically I have to. It’s my mom’s birthday too!  So I never ever forget it, I’m always decked out in green, and I like to pretend that I found a four-leaf clover.  When I was a kid, I convinced myself that my mom was a leprechaun in disguise because her birthday was on St. Patty’s day.  And I’d tell everyone (just like I’m doing now)!  Now I know there’s probably no chance of that because my mom’s family doesn’t have a trace of Irish blood in it. Trust me, I’ve done the legwork (genealogy is fascinating!). That and the fact that leprechauns–I can’t believe I’m going to say this and go against my overly active imagination–don’t exist! *gasp*

Some family is coming over tonight for cake and ice cream.  Luckily, I have Zumba right before then (yep, I’ve decided not to miss it) so according to “girl math”, they cancel each other out nicely. ;)  I’ll only have cake most likely because they are getting chocolate cake.  Ice cream just can’t compare so I’d rather indulge in cake. It’s my mom’s birthday! A celebration with cake is absolutely essential!

However, if I were in Ireland right now, I’d be celebrating with Guinness and Irish musicians in Dublin… most likely at Gogarty’s, my favorite pub.

Be honest, did you wear green?

*cackles maniacally before sending another round of pinches to people not wearing green*