Bad to the Best

The Bad News: I just gave myself 2 blisters on the tip of my thumb from too hot of carrots because we were out of plastic forks. Pooh on that.

The OK News: My recent jaw problems are not bone related, but muscle related so physical therapy can help it go back to it’s former imperfect glory. And my doctor perscribed a muscle relaxent to take before bed… *squee* (I’m not an addict, but I struggle getting to sleep and that will help)

The Good News:  My new Skullcandy ear phones work splendidly since my last pair’s cord was breaking on both ears. The music sounds so clear and the ear pieces fit in my ears from the very first moment they were inserted. That never happens.

The Great News: It’s SUNNY! It feels like spring and I love it! The sun always has a positive effect on my attitude.

The Better News: I didn’t skip my meeting over the weekend. *big cheeky grin* I didn’t weigh in because I only have to weigh in once a month. But it was nice to be back after two weeks of not going. Definitely good motivation! I even got 7 AP yesterday, mostly from cleaning for 2 hours then the Shred. Not even sore today!

The BEST News: I’m not sick anymore! A couple coughs interrupt my breathing patterns every few hours but it’s not awful and I’m feeling topnotch again. Yippee!
And now I’m just looking forward to my workout after work! Elliptical and the Tudors season 2 await me in my basement.

It’s a Monday and it’s a great day. I don’t say that too often so I’m reveling in it :P

Great way to start March! It’ll be magical ;)

What’s the best part of your day?


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