That One Feeling

I’m being attacked by that one feeling that we all get every once in a while! It’s that one that tells you to eat and eat anything and everything you can. I ate two cookies at my afternoon class. I’ve tracked them. My body is still craving food. It’s slightly hungry so that doesn’t help. Just barely refilled my water bottle in hopes of it depleting this awful feeling.

TOM always does this to me, and I was about to revel in it not giving this feeling to me for the past 5 days… but then it hits today! So aggravating.

Did I mention my planned workout last night ran into a hitch and I had to go to dinner with my parents after which they decided we had to go to the store? By the time I got home it was 8:30 and my homework was calling my name angrily. Then my mom needed help setting up her new digital cable box (that’s when I curse being the only techie in the house). I’m mad my exercise got pushed aside like that. But it was still a good day, so whatever.

Oddly enough, I think I’m starting to feel a little better by writing this down. Now I’m just hoping I can stave this feeling off long enough for me to get home. I’m determined to do the Shred before I have a movie night with my guy friend tonight.

What do you do to prevent last-minute plans from wrecking your workout plan?


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