I miss dancing…

First things first: A big thank you goes out to all of you who left advice on my last post about having someone ordering for you. I appreciate all of your input! =)

I’m going on a tangent today.

I miss dancing. Even though I hated going to the technique classes that were required by my performing group, I miss them. Is that weird? But there are no classes that really cater to adults who have had dance lessons in the past. A beginner class does absolutely nothing for me. I prefer challenges over something simple.

Zumba isn’t a dance class. It’s a cardio workout. It’s very fun, but I get no technique from it. The other day I was seriously considering trying to find a ballet class–and I hated ballet as a kid!

Then there’s paying for a class (if you manage to find one). Full time college student who only works part time cannot afford the luxury of a dance class. *sigh*

Maybe I’ll take a dance class at my university in the fall. If I get the internship I want for the fall, then I won’t have to worry about paying for it since the internship covers my tuition. Until then, I guess I’ll just have to live.

Happy Friday Eve everyone!

What was your favorite actvity to do as a kid?


One thought on “I miss dancing…

  1. You are right, Zumba is a cardio workout and not necessarily for someone who use to dance. That is exactly why I started Phusia. It’s a dancier workout for someone who doesn’t necessarily want to take a technical class but still wants a lot of dance. Check out my site http://www.phusia.com. I’d love your feedback!

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