Grand Plans for the Weekend

I hate last minute plans.  Especially if it conflicts with plans I have already made. Especially more so if I have a mother load of homework to do too. *sigh*

Last night, my mom dropped the bomb that we are spending tonight downtown at the hotel my company owns. Here’s my thought process:
Yay we get to swim! But I have a date on Sunday… and how on earth am I going to stay OP if we are going out to dinner and breakfast, and maybe even going to a piano bar? But I would get to swim.  I hope we have breakfast early so I can get home in time for my date.  I’ll just have to bring my own car this time. I get to sit at the pool and do some laps… Wait! I need to clean my room before he gets here. And I have a take-home midterm, 60 pages to read of Great Expectations, and would like to get a jumpstart on my essay for my history class… When am I supposed to finish all this if we are going to the Grand Hotel for a night and my date starts as soon as I get home tomorrow (and who knows when he’s going to leave!)?  So much for spending 2 days at the pool… A little more warning would have been nice, ya’ll!
Yeah, stress on a stick. A packed weekend for sure. I know some of my date is going to be dedicated to studying so that will help, but still. It’s just a lot. I think I can do pretty well with staying OP despite eating at the hotel’s restaurants.  Salad and steak, fruit and eggs. I’m not too worried there so long as I don’t get tempted by other things.
Well, I’m off to clean my room and pack. I hope you all have a great weekend!
Any grand plans for you this weekend?

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