So on Saturday’s post, I said I could keep it in control for the weekend.

Yeah, that SO did not happen. 

The only really good thing this weekend was how active I was on Satuday.  I managed to swim for 45 minutes, did a little weight circuit for ten minutes while waiting for my family so we could leave, then we walked around the mall for about an hour or so.  Then my late night probably burned some calories too… definitely got my heart rate up for a while.

But food wise was sooooo good but so bad at the same time.  I was doing ok Saturday morning until the hot dog called my name before heading downtown. After the pool, we got milkshakes. Then dinner was a couple hours later.
Here’s a rundown of dinner:  a glass of a nice reisling, 2 rolls (they were hot and too yummy), salad with a vinaigrette on the side and extra tomatoes, only 7 oz of my 14 oz New York strip steak, 1/2 a baked potato, a bite of chocolate cake (it wasn’t my dessert), then my personal dessert of creme brulee topped w/ a chocolate covered strawberry and raspberries. Now that I type it, I realize that my dinner wasn’t too bad. It was the milkshake and creme brulee that probably killed me that day though.

And then yesterday morning was brunch. I put myself in the mindset that “We only stay at the Grand maybe 2 weekends a year. I can indulge since it doesn’t happen often.”  This was a VERY bad idea.  I started off well, yet again, with a small omelet, some melon and pineapple, and a berry crepe with only a little whipped cream. But then I saw the dessert table… there was a chocolate fountain, ok?!  Seriously everything looked so scrumptious, so I did a bit of a sampler. I didn’t finish everything though.  The only dessert I finished was my chocolate covered strawberry, pineapple, and angel food cake. But I ate some apple strudel, marble pumpkin cheesecake, and only one bite out of mudpie and a chocolate cupcake which weren’t as good as they looked. My sweet tooth always gets me into trouble if there are succulent treats nearby.

Another whoopsie over the weekend may have left me unable to workout too… My Saturday night events led me to slam my ankle into the hotel bed.  Yesterday morning I woke up to it swollen, bruised, and sore. I was off of it most of yesterday with ice on it.  It’s currently bandaged up, still sensitive and slightly swollen. I’m scared to try working out especially since walking to class this morning was very painful. So much for wanting to work off my over-indulgent but highly entertaining weekend…

Sorry about the rant and yummy details. I need to keep myself honest and responsible about this. Moved on starting this morning.

How do you feel about indulgences?


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