Get Me Outta Here!

I don’t think I’ve ever been this bored or felt more stuck in my life.  I could just be in some weird funk like I was in January… whatever it is, I’m just sick of this.  Even my creative side is experiencing a depletion. It’s very sad.

I’m bored at my job. I do the same things over and over again. I’m stuck at a desk. Nothing is ever new. I’m so bored that I get distracted from what I’m supposed to do.  I hope I really get this internship for the fall that I’ve been looking forward too… That would break up the mundane-ness a little. My boss loves me and they are already dreading my departure when I graduate. Why walk away from a decent job like this?  Boredom isn’t reason enough unfortunately… And money is much needed.

And I’m so sick of school!  If it weren’t for my stupid foreign language requirement (4 stinking semesters!) I could have been done this spring.  But no… I don’t finish for another year–another year of just filler easy courses since the rest of my requirements are done. I’ve arranged my fall schedule so I only have classes on Mondays and Wednesdays so that will be nice (especially for that internship and my job). 

All I can ever think about is what I want to do when I get done with school.  Live and work in Italy for 2-4 months.  Do the Walt Disney World path for half a year like one of my best friends (he’s a character for them doing their College Program).  Move to California.  Audition and participate in plays and musicals.  Record more often, write and read more too. There’s so much I want to do but I feel like I can’t because school has to come first. *blows raspberry*

This week has just been a roller coaster. I’m good… then I indulge in treats because of my crappy mood. Which in turn puts me in a worse mood.  I know that those kinds of foods do not benefit me in any way yet I still eat them.  They taste good and are extremely comforting to the “stuck student” in me.  Last night, I ate almost every dessert in the house.

Good news: The culprit has been discovered. I’m not exercising as much as I have been this year.  I just realized that I was in a stellar mood, had much more energy, can stay focused better, and lots of other good things when I was exercising nearly every day.  But then deadlines and homework came up so activity got the back burner.

Starting to exercise again tonight! No excuses! Hopefully that will help alleviate my boredom…

*steps of soapbox* (forgive me!)


One thought on “Get Me Outta Here!

  1. exercise is the only thing that keeps me sane. actually, running is what keeps me sane. I joke that it is like my Prozac. I am one grumpy biotch if I don’t run. I typically run 6 days a week, nothing on Sunday… but honestly, if the gyms in Utah County were open… I’d probably go.

    so… get out there and exercise! (plus you earn activity points which equals more treats!) ;)

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