Do or do not… there is no try

After yesterday’s post, I was so stoked for my workout that I had planned. I learned that it takes the body 15 minutes to warm up enough to start burning fat. So I did 15 minutes of circuit training before hopping on the elliptical for an hour (I usually do it the other way around). After, I felt amazing… ly sore! Haha. But it was nice to expel all my negative energy.

This week has been interesting as far as WW goes. I’m making a lot of realizations that are so obvious but so easy to forget. Like tracking. No matter what I eat, I need to write it down even if I’m afraid of falling out of my DP or my weeklies. It doesn’t matter if I write it or not–it shows on the scale. Same goes with exercise–you have to plan it, do it, and write it down because that shows as well. Accountability is everything unfortunately.

These things just need to be done! It’s why WW is so effective. After all, we are all doing this for ourselves right? So why not expect the best? Which means writing it down even if we fall off the wagon for a moment (or a day). No one else will do it for us. We need to be responsible and aware of what we do. And just do it!

That’s going to be my objective for the next few weeks: track everything no matter what & exercise at least 5 days a week.

Who’s with me?!

*please cheer so what I say next applies*

The force is strong… in us, it is! ;)


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