That’s all that can be said about this weekend.

Yesterday, I went to my WW meeting, per usual then I worked out for 90 minutes while watching the Tudors. The day was very good as far as WW goes–hit all my GHG’s except for oils. Today wasn’t as good, but I at least tracked everything ;)

I went to see Alice in Wonderland with a good friend. Not the best movie I have ever seen, but the kid in me thoroughly enjoyed it. The imagery was lovely and I loved all the hidden and obvious references to Lewis Carroll’s legendary stories. The Alice stories have always been some of my very favorites.

Also my favorite author, Jodi Picoult, just came out with a new book so I asked my step dad to get it for me (I paid him back, no worries)–called House Rules. With midterms coming up this week, reading it has been the best thing ever despite putting my studying on hold! I haven’t had leisurely reading since early January because of my huge reading load for school. It really is a nice stress relief. And I’m totally attached to the characters so far. Reading for fun, especially this book, gets me thinking in new ways which can help me with my studies. And actually, my creativity has had a huge boost ever since starting to leisure read again. =)
But the most fascinating part of my weekend was doing some closet cleaning today. This is what I discovered:
  • 7 pairs of jeans no longer fit me, and 2 others were actually damaged and forgotten hidden in the back of my closet. I gave the 7 to my brother’s girlfriend. I’ve cut the number of jeans in my closet by about 28%
  • The dress I wore for my Sweethearts dance as a sophomore in high school–which didn’t fit me during my senior year when I wanted to wear it again–fit me! I could not contain my squeals of joy! It’s a 6 =)
  • I am back to the weight that I was at during my junior year of high school except my body is a little more “womanly” if you will.
  • And that I have more clothes than I’ll ever need. And shoes. My mom and I have a shopping problem… most girls do right?
I’ve decided that I want to have a goal this week: practicing self-control. My mom made a batch of those irresistable cookies… so my goal is to abstain from them. I had a little cookie dough today because the dough is 10x better, so I figured that could be my fix to stay away from them for the rest of their stay in my kitchen.
I need to learn how to say no to the temptations in my house. I know this is going to be really hard, but if I don’t then I won’t have the healthy body that I desire. I’m going to comment on my progress every day. Need to stay accountable right?
Hope you all are having lovely weekends!
Have you cleaned out your clothes to get rid of the “too big” yet? Do you think it would help you stay motivated?

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