I missed yesterday…

Please forgive me! I was in the process of writing a post… got distracted by homework and then my computer froze so I totally forgot about it until now. Whoopsie! My bad. It’s midterms; I need a little leeway :P

Yesterday was fabulously OP! Lots of veggies and fiber and I even got in one of my oils =) I stayed away from the treats.

Today is a little more indulgent but that’s only because I know I’m not having a big dinner. We walked around the mall for about an hour so I should be ok right?

I’m worried though… tomorrow is my mom’s birthday. People are coming over at 8 for cake and ice cream. I want to be there for my mom on her birthday, I really do! But Zumba is on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 7:30. I really need my exercise this week and not the cake and ice cream. Speaking of which, I still need to wrap her present!

Now I’m off to write my midterm paper for my Victorian Britain history class. Hasta la vista!

Tomorrow is St. Patty’s day as well! Are you going to celebrate? If not, then are you at least going to be wearing green? :P

Have a good one everybody!

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