Controversial Choice

I chose a really bad week to try and say no to indulgences… In my defense though, I was not expecting Tommy at all (I’m calling TOM that from now on… its easier for me for some reason).  I would have waited until Tommy was over if I had known it was coming.

No matter what Tommy influences me in the very worst ways.  I try my hardest to stay away from chocolate and all those other treats but my body just yearns for it.  Normal food doesn’t quite satisfy–it has to be chocolate.  That combined with my momentary emotional escapade (jealousy and uncertainty) last night in my otherwise fabulous day, I made a really controversial choice.

I ate the very last piece of my mom’s birthday cake. But it worked! I felt much better afterwards. It might have been the icing that made me feel better. That’s the whole thing! Its like my body truly needed it! I tracked it and now I only have AP’s left for today which I’m totally fine with.  That’s why emotional eating is so bittersweet: it does help the emotions and it replaces the emptiness you feel inside when certain emotions hit.  It’s a nice cushion.  But then it’s the worst food for you.  Very bittersweet.

To make up for it, I’ve planned out my meals for today to be sure I’m on the right track for my meeting tomorrow. I’m hoping I can squeeze in a little workout as well.  Still not sure if I’ll weigh-in. We’ll see how I feel in the morning and if Tommy’s 3 day curse will be broken or not.

Positive takeaway: I’ve learned not to be afraid of tracking EVERYTHING even if it means eating more than my weekly allowance. 

Have you ever found that an indulgence for a craving is just what the body really needed?


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