Word from Sin City

Wow… finally a moment to get on the computer to track! Haha. Everything is tracked as of right now! Gone through half of my weeklies already, but its been in good fun and not out of control.

In the two and a half days I have been here, try and guess how many activity points I’ve earned?

29! And yes, in only 2.5 days! Makes me so glad that I loved dancing too much to not completely bust out when I get with my girly that I love in Vegas. It really is a killer workout! We danced for about 4 hours last night and about 5 the night before. We had way too much fun…

The first night, we both even found a guy to hang out with after the club. (I guess I have a Colorado boyfriend now seeing as he calls me his Utah girlfriend! Haha) We watched the sunrise over the eastern mountains… one word: stunning! As I rolled into the driveway, my dad was walking out of the door to retrieve the morning paper. Yeah… I stayed out all night. Completely worth it!

Normally I just go for the dancing. I don’t go to look for a guy… The first night, that one guy just kept on drawing my gaze for some reason. He felt there was a weird magnet between us. Haha! It actually irks me when guys try to start dancing with me. The only way I’ll want to dance with a guy is if I instigate it. Is that awful? I’m just there for the music baby!

Today since I was pretty much left at home, I decided to take an hour walk around the neighborhood. The sun is out so it’s pretty much amazing! Also it got me out of the house and away from my dad’s snack cabinet :P

The activity has also allowed me to enjoy my dad’s cooking a little more too, which is nice. His famous stroganoff is to die for! And tonight we are having a birthday dinner for my brother down at the Yardhouse. Yeah… really glad about the activity because their martinis and dessert are too good to pass up! We don’t have a Yardhouse in Utah which is probably a good thing for me.

Well, I’m off to shower and get ready! I hope you all have had amazing weekends! =)

What do you think is the funnest way to get in some activity?


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