Save My Buns

That’s what the AP’s are going to do for me this week!  I was a little careless with my allotted point spending while in Vegas but I’m not beating myself up about it… On the upside, I’ve tracked it all! Even the 22-point dessert that I got at Yard House on Monday night. Yeah when I looked up those facts, I wanted to kick myself in the buns for not doing it sooner.  Instead, I figured I better just get on the activity wagon for the rest of the week!

Last night, after a long ride home, I went to the gym with my mom and did a stationary bike for an hour.  Haven’t ridden a stationary bike in years and I actually got a killer workout!  The tank top I wore was a good indicator of that (read: sweat marks all over my back and beneath my buhbies).  I was completely shocked… I was playing my new video game on my Nintendo DS while earning APs. It’s possible people!  But like an idiot, I turned off the game while it was saving so I lost the progress I made in that hour. Oh well! Can’t play my gameboy during Zumba though :P

Since I’m officially in my AP’s for the rest of week, I think I’ve ultimately conquered my fear of eating all of my weeklies and actually tracking it, being responsible for what I put in my mouth. Now’s the question of my self control. For Operation: Choose Your Own, I need a new challenge/occasion to motivate me and self control is going to be a big part of it. I’m also thinking that toning my buns will be a part of it too (feeling it last night in my buns gave me inspiration for that…). Off to brainstorm! =)

When it comes to spending points, what works best for you? Eating all, some, or more than your weekly allowance and going into your activity points?


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