Copy Cat Time

Everyone else was doing this 20 things about me this week… It’s been so fascinating learning about all my friends! So just in case you are interested as well, here’s my list.

1- I’ve been an avid Pokemon video gamer and collector for longer than a decade… I seriously buy new gaming systems just so I can collect all the games to play.

2- I have an addictive personality (see above)… which is why I will never ever try drugs. Other addictions include singing (well, music period), the blogosphere/Twitter, my BlackBery, writing (about 1000 words a day… lately its closer to 3000), travel, and more recently, exercising!

3- My body is almost always keeping some kind of rhythm or beat (translation: I struggle holding still).  Like my fingers will start playing an imaginary piano, my foot constantly bounces, or my head bobs to my ipod or the music running in my head. When I trip while walking to class and I’m listening to music, I seriously need to take a moment or two to regain my previous rhythm.  (Man, I’m doing shorter facts now…)

4- I get along much better with boys than girls.

5- My favorite color is silver and any richer version of a color (like maroon, royal blue, and forest green).

6- I’m a Disney geek. Been hooked since I was a kid. Favorite classics are Sleeping Beauty and Beauty & the Beast. Favorite Disney/Pixar collab- Ratatouille.

7- I miss the 90’s TV shows/cartoons like Kenan and Kel, Ren & Stimpy, Rugrats, Boy Meets World, Dinosaurs, Wishbone, etc.

8- Born on a Thursday. Been mad my entire life because it wasn’t a Friday since my birthday is on the 13th of October.

9- I may have a good GPA, but at times I can be really blonde. My common sense and street smarts are constantly in progress.

10- I’ve been a loner for much of my life. My best friend fixed that. But I still need my alone time a lot.

11- Nicknames I’ve earned include: The Walking Sweet Tooth, the Portable/Personal Jukebox, and the “girl who sings in the bathroom”.

12- Sea food is the devil to me (except clam chowder and tuna).

13- I do much better in everything when I have some sort of schedule or structure to my day. Order and patterns for me please (though occasional spontaneity is ok) Planning is pretty essential to me. Except when it comes to dinner because that’s almost always an uncertainty.

14- The number one thing I’m afraid of is tornados. Spiders also freak me out a little. And cats terrify me too… which is why they are the devil.

15- I’m notorious for randomly spouting movie/tv quotes or singing random songs.

16- My favorite food ever is cookies. Put one in front of me and I’m happy. Unless I’m trying really hard to stay on plan–then I’ll want to kill you for tempting me.

17- I’ve seen four of my singing idols perform live (in order in which I saw them): Reba McEntire, LeAnn Rimes, Lea Salonga, and Celine Dion.

18- Auditioned for American Idol a year and a half ago. They said I had a strong and promising voice but that I wasn’t what they were looking for that particular year (the year Adam Lambert was on it). I’m trying again this year =)

19- I’m an utter wimp when it comes to cold.

20- Once, I spent three hours looking up my family lines all the way back to 800 BC.  Turns out, I’m distantly related to the current royal family of England. My great (x12) grandpa was Baron Henry Percy 1st Earl of Northumberland… so I’m a descendant of King Henry III too. Isn’t genealogy fascinating?

Hope I didn’t bore you to tears. Haha! 20 facts is a lot!

Have a wonderful Friday Eve everybody!

Do you track your satiety after a meal? Do you find that helpful?


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