Bitten by a Cold

My brother was hacking up something awful last week…

And now I am! So much for staying active. Just trying to keep myself sitting upright is a challenge. My head is stuffy which makes me want to just slam it into my desk until there is a dent there. But that’d probably make me feel worse, no matter how appealing it sounds.


Staying on track so far this week! Activity is on the low side unfortunately. Yesterday, I laid in bed virtually all day and got a few extra hours of zzz’s. Cold’s still holding on! I’m not going to be stupid and try and do something hard again too soon. But I need to get activity somehow! Maybe the stationary bike or something…

Gotta fly but I wanted to check in. Well not fly… drag would be the more correct term here.

Last Monday of Magical March Madness!

How did your month go? Any magical moments?


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