Avoidance Won’t Solve Anything

First off, I want to thank everyone for pointers on “nipping the nibbling” in the bud.

My final essay for Victorian Literature… complete! As of like 3 minutes ago. Now it’s time to go turn it in. No more stress about that. Now all I have to stress about is my Victorian Britain final. It’s a history class so why does it require more writing than my actually english class?! Messed up? I think so.

I’ve been doing pretty well yesterday and today as far as food goes.  Might have overdone it on the diet soda to stay awake to work on my essay but that’s forgiveable.  At least it wasn’t the cookies in the freezer, right? Haha.

Tonight is martini night!  I have a few friends coming over and my mom is going to make us some of her specialties.  I’m going to limit myself to one or two max.  Technically I’m supposed to weigh in tomorrow, but I really don’t want to.

You know that scale that I’ve been avoiding? I stepped on it yesterday morning and this morning.  Yesterday I was way up, and today was a little lower but still not in my Lifetime range.  I don’t want to officially WI until I’m back in that… is that bad?  I already know I’m back on the right track. And we are having a sleepover tonight with a couple of the people coming over so I’d hate to wake up and leave them you know? Maybe waiting until next week won’t be so bad to WI.  I’m back on track and I can’t wait to start my exercise plan again!

Woo-hoo! Yay for Friday!


Nip the Nibbling?

Last night I did make it to Zumba and had a blast! I’m so glad I went. I did feel a little better even though certain moves like lunges/squats and lifting legs hurt.  Stretching helped after too.  I’m not sure how much good it did especially when I got the munchies really bad when I got home. Luckily it wasn’t awful food.  Organic tortilla chips and salsa. Not horrible but I needed to rope in the reins a little.

Which brings me to my next topic which also was triggered by the pointer on the WW homepage– Nip the nibbing by using sugar free gum to keep your mouth busy. Oh if only I could!
Back in high school, I was quite the little gum addict.  Maybe a pack of Orbit a week if not more.  The problem was that it wreaked havoc on my jaw… and sure enough, nearly two years ago I was diagnosed with one of the worst TMD’s (tendro mandibular disorder) my jaw doctor had ever seen in someone as young as me–40% of the right side of my jaw bone is gone and is likely permanently locked/restricted for the rest of my life (20% chance of it ever going back).  It’s been quite a hurdle in my life with regards to singing, eating, and such.  With a TMD this bad, I can’t chew gum anymore.
So what else is there for me to do to stop the nibbling?  If I were allowed to have gum, I know that would help… but since I can’t I’m in a dilemma.  Water doesn’t help–I drink over 100 oz a day nearly every day.
Any thoughts on what can help me stop nibbling besides gum would be great. Thanks guys!

The Witch Doctor

Yep… I’m singing that song again today! Ooo-ee-oo-ah-ah-ting-tang-walla-walla-bing-bang!

As a part of my GaG intervention, I decided to jump into activity full throttle last night with Jillian Michaels’ No More Problem Zones. I was a little tense/shaky after so I went on a half hour walk to bring myself down… and it felt nice! For a while anyways.

As of right now, my thighs and buttocks are not very forgiving… I really chose a bad day to wear high heels! They are screaming, making me scream quite literally every once in a while. It’s the best/worst pain in the world! Lets me know I’m shaping my behind at any rate.

The witch doctor in me says that a hot tub will help. Tonight. I’m doing a double date with my boy and a really good friend from high school who asked out my brother’s best gal friend. My good friend always wants to go hot tubbing and right now I’m very glad he does. Dinner at Noodles and Co., movie, then the hot tub back at my place. Sounds like a great way to unwind after a killer workout right? Now I’m just hoping my BF can refrain from spanking me (dang, that sounds dirty… he does it on occasion in good fun), which would cause even more than an extraordinary amount of pain. *fingers crossed*

Can’t wait for Zumba tomorrow… here’s hoping the witch doctor’s advice helps tonight so I can actually move tomorrow! Peace!

GaG Intervention Needed

I took a bit of a break for the past 3 days.  Tracking, eating, and exercise all went down the tubes.  The scale has been calling my name so I can see the damage… but I’m hiding from it.  I don’t know why I do this to myself!  Oh, yeah.  I’m a sucker for things that taste good.

Friday, I met with my Cambridge girls for lunch at a new place where one look at a certain dish made me get it–it was worth it!  But then I added a cookie to it.  And that night my family decided to go out to dinner.  The food I ate was healthy, like the stir-fried veggies and teriyaki chicken… the problem was that I wiped my plate clean every time something was placed on it. 

Saturday… Oh, boy.  Saturday was a disaster as far as food goes.  We had my great aunt’s 80th birthday party at our house.  And what does that mean?  The chocolate fountain was busted out.  Imagine me standing next to it for an hour, dipping vanilla wafers, strawberries, and pretzels in it… and proceeding to make a mess of chocolate all over my face.  Yeah, it was bad.  But we hardly ever bring out the fountain so I had the mindset that it rarely happens so I might as well “make the most of it”… and did I ever.  Whenever that thing comes out of hiding, it’s like my conscience takes a vacation. 

Yesterday, I went to lunch at my Italian teacher’s house.  If you know anything of Italian cuisine and people, you may know where this is going.  Lots of pasta, breads, and endless pastries.  And they try to get you to have more all the time.  It wasn’t til I reached the bursting point when I stopped.

Stress from finals probably only has a little to do with it.  One more presentation, one more paper, and one exam.  Not much, nicely spaced out.  Just the anxiety leading up to it is truly palpable. Once my exam is finished on the 4th, I have no doubt I’ll go home and just pass out on my bed.  That has happened every semester after my last final because the stress is finally gone. 

Even though finals aren’t over yet, I need a Get a Grip (GaG) intervention starting today!  Back to portion control, tracking, and activity.  Man, why does that seem so daunting right now?

zzz…. a blog?

I’m think I need a couple days of full recovery… Sleep, eating right, and exercising all need to be regulatory again.  Already working on the eating, sleep is next, then when the energy returns, I’ll exercise! (Zumba tomorrow night is my deadline… I won’t miss it.)

This weekend was just so crazy!  There wasn’t an early night to be had… Friday I got in at a respectable 11:30 but that was because I wanted to make it to my 8 o’clock meeting.  Then Saturday and Sunday night were near full nighters–one for my BF’s birthday and the other for homework.  Yesterday was a battle to stay awake–I even passed on the gym because I was literally falling asleep while driving.

Yeah, it’s that bad.  So last night, fell asleep (proper term would probably be zonked out at my laptop while trying to read Dorian Grey online because my book is currently hiding from me) at about 8 and slept straight til 7 this morning when my alarm went off.  And today, I’ve been dozing in class and at work despite the pretty good hours of sleep last night.  My body must be more exhausted than I thought!

The weekend wasn’t too great plan-wise, but I tracked what I could remember.  The problem with being exhausted is that it doesn’t help me make very smart food choices.  Sure I’ll get my normal fruits and veggies, but if there’s junk around I’ll bee line for it for that minimal boost and comfort. 

Sure I’ve been having fun (nay- a blast!), but there are limits especially when it comes to health.  Time to take care of me.

*this is when I whine* But having fun is so much more fun! I haven’t had this much fun in my 3 years at college! *whining ends now*

Here’s my conscience’s take on this– GET’R’DONE… Then you can play. =)

Want to be Better

My muscles are slowly and surely getting better in the pain department.  Haha!  I definitely need a full night of sleep tonight to recover.  Tomorrow is going to be insane.  It’s the BF’s birthday and so a lot is going down, I’m sure. 

Question: We are all doing WW to better ourselves right?  Better ourselves in many ways by eating healthier, incorporating activity, and just all around leading a healthy life? 

Is it so wrong to want someone else to be better too?  Like they don’t realize how good they could have it but they settle for a lot less?  That’s an awful feeling.  You want to help but you don’t want to get in their business or make them angry.  Would it be wrong to scream in their faces– “You could do so much better!”? 

I’m very proud of my brother this week: he’s hit the gym a few times because his best friend is “forcing” him to go with him.  I can already see a difference in him. 

I’m proud of my mom for hopping back with WW. Except it’s really funny when I tell her that no matter what Creamies are 2 points and not 1. 

I struggle with the concept of settling so that may be way it irks me that some people don’t push to their full potential even when it’s there Why wouldn’t everyone push to their best?  It’s not a perfectionist quality–it’s just hope!  A hope to be a better person in every aspect of life.  Or am I just alone in wondering about stuff like this?

*goes off to ponder*

Bing Bang!

Ooo-eee-ooo-ah-ah! Ching chang wallawalla bing bang!

Just felt like throwing that out there.  I sing it when ever I try to open a door or something else that makes my shoulders and/or lower abs scream in protest.  Yes, they are still sore from my workout on Tuesday!  Zumba last night was pure torture… dripping sweat, just trying not to scream out loud with every other move.  I couldn’t shake it as well as I wanted too, but oh well.  Now today I’m even more sore. *sigh*

Do you wanna know the weird part?  I barely did anything and I couldn’t even feel the workout while I was doing it!  I did ten reps of simply holding myself up and lifting my legs straight up, then ten of bend-up, straighten, bend-back, and down.  I know I got tired quickly but I couldn’t feel the “burn” while I was doing it.  How could just that have such an intense effect on my body?  Talk about deception…

Today is my rest day this week. Much needed… May even have another tomorrow.  I want to stretch but even doing that is far too uncomfortable.  I ate a banana for breakfast and drinking lots of water but it isn’t helping!  Pain killers don’t work on me–it’s a genetic problem that plagues my dad and brother too. 

Any recommendations on getting rid of the excruciating soreness from a workout that didn’t even seem like it would hurt after?

Makes Me Better

A good walk does.  And a hug from my boy.  Now I can’t wait for the gym tonight to bust it all out on the stationary bike while I read Dorian Grey.  And my boy will be with me at the gym (new workout buddy perhaps? haha). 

The little mishap that almost completely derailed today now seems so insignificant even though it hurt a lot. The one who hurt me apologized and said she was joking (which it’s so hard to tell over text!).  Eh, I’m over it.  He helped me feel better.  The walk definitely helped take off the edge too… I bet the bike tonight will be amazing!

And a little of the hot cocoa from my office helps too.  It’s only the best stuff in the world.  *pulls up tracker to track it*

So the fact that I only got 75 minutes of sleep last night probably exacerbated everything today… Haha!  I need to stop taking everything to heart.  And get more sleep.  Stupid essay.  At least that one is done and taken care of!

When you’re feeling down about anything, what makes you feel instantly better?

Finals Coming

Reading, writing, studying… That’s what a lot of my life is going to be for the next couple weeks. Oh JOY!  Can I just say right now how much I can’t wait for this semester to be done.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a good one as far as having interesting classes goes.  I’m just sick of school in total.  Homework tends to keep me from doing things I want, even exercise some days like today.  I have an essay due tomorrow and I’ve been struggling with it ever since she handed it out. 

When I work on homework, sometimes I do have a habit of wanting to munch on things.  I usually like to stick with carrots, popcorn, and stuff like that but sometimes chocolate helps calm the nerves better when it comes to studying for finals. Luckily, there’s none (if any) in the house right now.  I’m hoping it can stay that way until the next 3 weeks are over.

Then there’s the conflict where I need to study, want to hang with friends, and have me time. Finals always constrict time like no other, but hanging with friends can be a really good stress relief and so can exercise. Any pointers on how to squeeze everything in without depriving myself of sleep?

It’s Monday, just the beginning… here we go!

Looking Up

It’s hard to find words to start today. There’s a smile on my face and it’s stuck there for the time being. And it’s the same way for the guy I’m now dating, or so he just told me.

OK! WW– focus! These past two days have been much better! Stayed within my points yesterday surprisingly and even got in some activity. Today is heading in the same direction so I’m quite pleased with my program right now. WI is tomorrow… and guess what the best part is?

My mom is coming back!  For her birthday, a few family members are chipping in for her to get the monthly pass for a while until she can get on her feet again since she needs the meetings and the online tools.  I’m excited for us to be able to support each other in the same house again… I really miss it. That means my step dad really has to help us stick to plan since it’s not just me anymore! HA!

Wow… so today is Chicken Caesar day at work (as is every Friday) and I’m taking my time eating and chewing like newgirl24 talked about today.  Usually I finish off the whole thing, no sweat.  But now I didn’t even make it halfway through so I’m saving the rest for when I truly get hungry again which should be in a couple hours. Take your time and chew everyone! You’ll truly be surprised at how much food will fill you up! =)

Things are definitely looking up here. The weather is even joining in!

Are you doing WW with any family members or real life friends? If so (or not), do you (or would you) find that it is helpful to have that kind of support and comaraderie through this process?