Gotta Figure This Out

I love that I can be pretty good on plan when I’m home… but put me in another place, say Las Vegas for example, a lot of my rules fly the coop. Especially when my best friend is involved. Normally, I don’t drink in Vegas (too pricey) but I knew she would want too…

This past weekend we went to Vegas for my BFF’s 21st birthday celebration. I think the biggest problem this weekend was that she wanted to drink, didn’t want to drink without me, then her boyfriend and his sister kept buying me drinks. Granted, it wasn’t that much, but lack of protein for food left me very susceptible to getting pretty incapacitated. Add that to stopping at Jack in the Box for a 3 AM pick-me-up, and it’s U-G-L-Y.

I just finished tracking this weekend. I didn’t track the drinks because that’s way too complicated because the information is hard to find. I just know that I need to really be careful for this week.

I really need to figure out a way to stay on plan better when I go down there. My dad likes to go out to eat a lot which makes it really hard because he goes to places that are sooo not plan-friendly. Usually the dancing helps balance everything out but I still need to work on the food part better.

Well, the gym it is after work today. I’m attempting to do my reading homework while I ride the stationary bike.

How was everyone’s Easter?


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