Lack of Inspiration

I had written a whole post about this right before my internet shut itself down. *insert anger here* Here’s the gist–

Nothing has inspired me to do anything lately. I grudgingly motivate myself but the drive, the oomph and inspiration to do something just isn’t there a lot of the time. I’ve discover that this is the reason for…

  • Not doing my homework or my job as I should
  • My creative writing not going anywhere despite how much I want it to
  • My self-control being in the tanks. Easter candy has done me in this week. It’s bad. I want chocolate, I eat it and track it. But I want to resist… it’s just easier to give in since it tastes so good.

I need to get a grip on my self. I need something to inspire me again. So I’m going back to one of my favorite books, “Goose Girl” by Shannon Hale, in an effort to get that oomph back. It’s a coming of age story that’s filled with magic (I know, not realistic) but I have a feeling it can help. If it doesn’t, hopefully I’ll find something else that will work.

There is a difference between motivation and inspiration. What inspires you?


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