Oh Green Tea!

My mind is totally hoo-hoo today… Forewarning you now. My dream last night had me totally convinced that it really happened until about an hour ago. Then I knocked over a glass which spilled water onto a few of my books and my Pokemon Platinum video game (hoping it’s alright). 

But in a way, it’s a good hoo-hoo craziness in me! I can tell a little oomph is coming back.  I finished part 1 of my book last night before getting to bed early so it seems to be helping thus far.  Got a great amount of sleep (which may account for the stranger than fiction dream).  So I guess I’m feeling a little better!  I even got 250 words of one of my stories down.  And it’s actually good stuff!

The hoo-hoo could also be coming from the fact that I’m now drinking my second glass of green tea, aka- metabolism potion… and natural caffeine boost. I swear the caffeine in coffee just makes me sick and drowsy.  But put some green tea in me and I’m wired!  Must be the natural boost it gives.

Green tea always makes me feel like I’m doing something healthy and good for my body.  It makes me want to be successful with WW… Maybe its a good thing I’m on my second. =)  That’s it, I’m drinking a cup every day from here on out!

What food or drink gives you the best healthy boost?


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