Looking Up

It’s hard to find words to start today. There’s a smile on my face and it’s stuck there for the time being. And it’s the same way for the guy I’m now dating, or so he just told me.

OK! WW– focus! These past two days have been much better! Stayed within my points yesterday surprisingly and even got in some activity. Today is heading in the same direction so I’m quite pleased with my program right now. WI is tomorrow… and guess what the best part is?

My mom is coming back!  For her birthday, a few family members are chipping in for her to get the monthly pass for a while until she can get on her feet again since she needs the meetings and the online tools.  I’m excited for us to be able to support each other in the same house again… I really miss it. That means my step dad really has to help us stick to plan since it’s not just me anymore! HA!

Wow… so today is Chicken Caesar day at work (as is every Friday) and I’m taking my time eating and chewing like newgirl24 talked about today.  Usually I finish off the whole thing, no sweat.  But now I didn’t even make it halfway through so I’m saving the rest for when I truly get hungry again which should be in a couple hours. Take your time and chew everyone! You’ll truly be surprised at how much food will fill you up! =)

Things are definitely looking up here. The weather is even joining in!

Are you doing WW with any family members or real life friends? If so (or not), do you (or would you) find that it is helpful to have that kind of support and comaraderie through this process?


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