Makes Me Better

A good walk does.  And a hug from my boy.  Now I can’t wait for the gym tonight to bust it all out on the stationary bike while I read Dorian Grey.  And my boy will be with me at the gym (new workout buddy perhaps? haha). 

The little mishap that almost completely derailed today now seems so insignificant even though it hurt a lot. The one who hurt me apologized and said she was joking (which it’s so hard to tell over text!).  Eh, I’m over it.  He helped me feel better.  The walk definitely helped take off the edge too… I bet the bike tonight will be amazing!

And a little of the hot cocoa from my office helps too.  It’s only the best stuff in the world.  *pulls up tracker to track it*

So the fact that I only got 75 minutes of sleep last night probably exacerbated everything today… Haha!  I need to stop taking everything to heart.  And get more sleep.  Stupid essay.  At least that one is done and taken care of!

When you’re feeling down about anything, what makes you feel instantly better?


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