Bing Bang!

Ooo-eee-ooo-ah-ah! Ching chang wallawalla bing bang!

Just felt like throwing that out there.  I sing it when ever I try to open a door or something else that makes my shoulders and/or lower abs scream in protest.  Yes, they are still sore from my workout on Tuesday!  Zumba last night was pure torture… dripping sweat, just trying not to scream out loud with every other move.  I couldn’t shake it as well as I wanted too, but oh well.  Now today I’m even more sore. *sigh*

Do you wanna know the weird part?  I barely did anything and I couldn’t even feel the workout while I was doing it!  I did ten reps of simply holding myself up and lifting my legs straight up, then ten of bend-up, straighten, bend-back, and down.  I know I got tired quickly but I couldn’t feel the “burn” while I was doing it.  How could just that have such an intense effect on my body?  Talk about deception…

Today is my rest day this week. Much needed… May even have another tomorrow.  I want to stretch but even doing that is far too uncomfortable.  I ate a banana for breakfast and drinking lots of water but it isn’t helping!  Pain killers don’t work on me–it’s a genetic problem that plagues my dad and brother too. 

Any recommendations on getting rid of the excruciating soreness from a workout that didn’t even seem like it would hurt after?


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