Want to be Better

My muscles are slowly and surely getting better in the pain department.  Haha!  I definitely need a full night of sleep tonight to recover.  Tomorrow is going to be insane.  It’s the BF’s birthday and so a lot is going down, I’m sure. 

Question: We are all doing WW to better ourselves right?  Better ourselves in many ways by eating healthier, incorporating activity, and just all around leading a healthy life? 

Is it so wrong to want someone else to be better too?  Like they don’t realize how good they could have it but they settle for a lot less?  That’s an awful feeling.  You want to help but you don’t want to get in their business or make them angry.  Would it be wrong to scream in their faces– “You could do so much better!”? 

I’m very proud of my brother this week: he’s hit the gym a few times because his best friend is “forcing” him to go with him.  I can already see a difference in him. 

I’m proud of my mom for hopping back with WW. Except it’s really funny when I tell her that no matter what Creamies are 2 points and not 1. 

I struggle with the concept of settling so that may be way it irks me that some people don’t push to their full potential even when it’s there Why wouldn’t everyone push to their best?  It’s not a perfectionist quality–it’s just hope!  A hope to be a better person in every aspect of life.  Or am I just alone in wondering about stuff like this?

*goes off to ponder*


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