zzz…. a blog?

I’m think I need a couple days of full recovery… Sleep, eating right, and exercising all need to be regulatory again.  Already working on the eating, sleep is next, then when the energy returns, I’ll exercise! (Zumba tomorrow night is my deadline… I won’t miss it.)

This weekend was just so crazy!  There wasn’t an early night to be had… Friday I got in at a respectable 11:30 but that was because I wanted to make it to my 8 o’clock meeting.  Then Saturday and Sunday night were near full nighters–one for my BF’s birthday and the other for homework.  Yesterday was a battle to stay awake–I even passed on the gym because I was literally falling asleep while driving.

Yeah, it’s that bad.  So last night, fell asleep (proper term would probably be zonked out at my laptop while trying to read Dorian Grey online because my book is currently hiding from me) at about 8 and slept straight til 7 this morning when my alarm went off.  And today, I’ve been dozing in class and at work despite the pretty good hours of sleep last night.  My body must be more exhausted than I thought!

The weekend wasn’t too great plan-wise, but I tracked what I could remember.  The problem with being exhausted is that it doesn’t help me make very smart food choices.  Sure I’ll get my normal fruits and veggies, but if there’s junk around I’ll bee line for it for that minimal boost and comfort. 

Sure I’ve been having fun (nay- a blast!), but there are limits especially when it comes to health.  Time to take care of me.

*this is when I whine* But having fun is so much more fun! I haven’t had this much fun in my 3 years at college! *whining ends now*

Here’s my conscience’s take on this– GET’R’DONE… Then you can play. =)


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