GaG Intervention Needed

I took a bit of a break for the past 3 days.  Tracking, eating, and exercise all went down the tubes.  The scale has been calling my name so I can see the damage… but I’m hiding from it.  I don’t know why I do this to myself!  Oh, yeah.  I’m a sucker for things that taste good.

Friday, I met with my Cambridge girls for lunch at a new place where one look at a certain dish made me get it–it was worth it!  But then I added a cookie to it.  And that night my family decided to go out to dinner.  The food I ate was healthy, like the stir-fried veggies and teriyaki chicken… the problem was that I wiped my plate clean every time something was placed on it. 

Saturday… Oh, boy.  Saturday was a disaster as far as food goes.  We had my great aunt’s 80th birthday party at our house.  And what does that mean?  The chocolate fountain was busted out.  Imagine me standing next to it for an hour, dipping vanilla wafers, strawberries, and pretzels in it… and proceeding to make a mess of chocolate all over my face.  Yeah, it was bad.  But we hardly ever bring out the fountain so I had the mindset that it rarely happens so I might as well “make the most of it”… and did I ever.  Whenever that thing comes out of hiding, it’s like my conscience takes a vacation. 

Yesterday, I went to lunch at my Italian teacher’s house.  If you know anything of Italian cuisine and people, you may know where this is going.  Lots of pasta, breads, and endless pastries.  And they try to get you to have more all the time.  It wasn’t til I reached the bursting point when I stopped.

Stress from finals probably only has a little to do with it.  One more presentation, one more paper, and one exam.  Not much, nicely spaced out.  Just the anxiety leading up to it is truly palpable. Once my exam is finished on the 4th, I have no doubt I’ll go home and just pass out on my bed.  That has happened every semester after my last final because the stress is finally gone. 

Even though finals aren’t over yet, I need a Get a Grip (GaG) intervention starting today!  Back to portion control, tracking, and activity.  Man, why does that seem so daunting right now?


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