The Witch Doctor

Yep… I’m singing that song again today! Ooo-ee-oo-ah-ah-ting-tang-walla-walla-bing-bang!

As a part of my GaG intervention, I decided to jump into activity full throttle last night with Jillian Michaels’ No More Problem Zones. I was a little tense/shaky after so I went on a half hour walk to bring myself down… and it felt nice! For a while anyways.

As of right now, my thighs and buttocks are not very forgiving… I really chose a bad day to wear high heels! They are screaming, making me scream quite literally every once in a while. It’s the best/worst pain in the world! Lets me know I’m shaping my behind at any rate.

The witch doctor in me says that a hot tub will help. Tonight. I’m doing a double date with my boy and a really good friend from high school who asked out my brother’s best gal friend. My good friend always wants to go hot tubbing and right now I’m very glad he does. Dinner at Noodles and Co., movie, then the hot tub back at my place. Sounds like a great way to unwind after a killer workout right? Now I’m just hoping my BF can refrain from spanking me (dang, that sounds dirty… he does it on occasion in good fun), which would cause even more than an extraordinary amount of pain. *fingers crossed*

Can’t wait for Zumba tomorrow… here’s hoping the witch doctor’s advice helps tonight so I can actually move tomorrow! Peace!


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