Nip the Nibbling?

Last night I did make it to Zumba and had a blast! I’m so glad I went. I did feel a little better even though certain moves like lunges/squats and lifting legs hurt.  Stretching helped after too.  I’m not sure how much good it did especially when I got the munchies really bad when I got home. Luckily it wasn’t awful food.  Organic tortilla chips and salsa. Not horrible but I needed to rope in the reins a little.

Which brings me to my next topic which also was triggered by the pointer on the WW homepage– Nip the nibbing by using sugar free gum to keep your mouth busy. Oh if only I could!
Back in high school, I was quite the little gum addict.  Maybe a pack of Orbit a week if not more.  The problem was that it wreaked havoc on my jaw… and sure enough, nearly two years ago I was diagnosed with one of the worst TMD’s (tendro mandibular disorder) my jaw doctor had ever seen in someone as young as me–40% of the right side of my jaw bone is gone and is likely permanently locked/restricted for the rest of my life (20% chance of it ever going back).  It’s been quite a hurdle in my life with regards to singing, eating, and such.  With a TMD this bad, I can’t chew gum anymore.
So what else is there for me to do to stop the nibbling?  If I were allowed to have gum, I know that would help… but since I can’t I’m in a dilemma.  Water doesn’t help–I drink over 100 oz a day nearly every day.
Any thoughts on what can help me stop nibbling besides gum would be great. Thanks guys!

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