So THAT’s why!

So you know my scare I had at the scale on Friday? It was for nothing pretty much. Hopped on the scale again this morning to assess the damage done by the weekend… and I’m back within my Lifetime range. Go figure!

Tommy is a horrible, irregular beast this year. It’s largely my own fault. Changing my exercise patterns a lot doesn’t make Tommy very happy apparently.  I don’t want to be a grouch either, so I indulged in some lunchtime laughter with one of my favorite bloggers, Allie Brosh at Hyperbole and a Half. You simply must check out her 7 Games You Can Play w/ a Brick. Classic genius. If you want to laugh, really… check her out. Who’s for a round of “Duck Duck Brick”? XD

Ok onto more WW topics. Question for everyone: do you prefer (aka: stay on plan better) to be constantly satisfied?  Or would you rather eat only when truly hungry?

I was thinking about this as I went to microwave my Healthy Choice lunch a few minutes ago.  My stomach was simply churning in its attempt to tell me that it needed food NOW.  Call me crazy, but I like that feeling. It means my endless water glasses aren’t going to help and only food will. Haha!  It’s like, “So, that’s why my stomach is growling… it really needs something!” Then once I eat, I feel better.  Then I try to not eat until I’m at least a little hungry again (every couple hours anyway). 

My mind is going to spontaneously combust in ADD-ness here (Allie Brosh tends to do that to me… I don’t know why) in a minute, so I should wrap this up. So answer the question above please! =) Have a good one!


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