Hellooooo Summer!

Finished my last final this morning and it wasn’t as scary as I expected. Funnily enough, I had a strong feeling one of the essay questions would be on gender lines and the public/private spheres in Victorian England–and that was one of the essay options!  Psychic moment?  Me thinks so! 

Haha! Last night was fun studying though, let me tell you. I probably consumed more sodium than anyone ever should in 4 hours.  I drank about 5 diet caffeinated sodas to keep me awake and had probably two full servings of pretzels. The crunching of pretzels calms me down.  It’s weird.  Stepped on the scale this morning and I weighed the same as yesterday so that’s good!

Guess what I’m doing to celebrate?  Going on a hike!  Doing something active before falling into the stress-free sleep that always hits after finals… it’s the best sleep in the world, I’m telling you. Now I just need to wait for my boy to call me so we can go. 

It’s a gorgeous day outside!  Finals are over!  I’m going to Italy in a month!  And Glee is on tonight!  Summer is definitely in the air and I don’t think today could get any better.  Now I’m off to go sit at the park, sit on the swings, soak in the sun, and read my favorite book until we go hiking.

What are your fun plans for the summer? =)


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