Cinco de Mayo

5/5/10! Haha… I thought that was extremely amusing when I wrote it down earlier. 5+5=10. Ok, time to stop being a nerd. 8)

I’m a bit short on words so I’ll keep this brief.

I’ve always wondered: which countries have the healthiest food?

Is it India? Japan? China? Spain? Mexico? England? I’m assuming America and Italy are low on the healthy list…

I’m a sucker for Italian… pasta, pizza, gelato, etc. Mexican is good too. You can’t go wrong with a simple burrito. Never been a huge fan of Chinese or Japanese largely because of the high seafood content, but the non seafood dishes are very slowly growing on me.  I’ve tried Indian and Turkish food and those were pretty good. Too much spice isn’t good though…

What do you think? What is your favorite origin-food?


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