How to Track

Want to a problem when you’re trying to eat healthier?  Tasty food.  An even bigger problem?  When it’s FREE.

Last night, my best guy friend forgot that he promised to take a shift at work but he said that he’d treat me to dinner there.  He works at this place called Melting Pot, where you get melted cheese with breads as an appetizer, followed by the main course which is a platter of meats or veggies that you cook in a pot filled with some kind of cooking liquid, then dessert is some kind of melted chocolate to dip all kinds of yummy desserts in. 

He started me with a spinach and artichoke cheese that was addicting to the max.  Followed by chicken in some broth. It tasted good dipped in curry.  Then the chocolate part came… with peanut butter in it!  I asked him to take it away from me at one point so I wouldn’t completely over do it. But that was after I ate most of it. *sigh*

I had no idea how to track it!  So I basically decided to drain my last 14 weekly points just to be safe.  It was a lot of food.  But it was sooo good. I told him he was in major trouble for providing me with free, tasty, and highly addicting food. 

That hike could be much helpful now.  But my other guy friend hasn’t responded to my texts.  *sigh*  We’re supposed to hang tonight but if he doesn’t get back to me, then I’m hitting the treadmill for a good hour if not more.  Gotta work last night’s dinner off.

Are there some things that you find extremely difficult to track because you simply don’t know how to?  How do you cope?


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