Shaking It

Last night, I went out and played catch with a football with my friend for a while.  We had a blast!  My right shoulder definitely got a workout and its showing it a little today. 

The weird thing though is my left hand is trembling.  Ever since I got home from playing catch, it’s been shaking if I don’t do anything with it or try to hold it up.  It’s not even my throwing hand!  To be honest, it’s kind of freaking me out. Especially since I have no idea what’s causing it!  Any ideas out there for hand tremor causes?

On a positive note, it’s most definitely Friday!  I got up early today, got to work by 8:30, had my apple, yogurt, and green tea for breakfast and I’m just about to go enjoy my chicken caesar that I look forward to every week.  After work, I get to go babysit some of the cutest little boys around for a couple hours before going out to a gay club with my buddies–get out there and shake out booties.  It’s going to be a fun but busy Friday!

Tomorrow is WI and I need to go to actually weigh in.  No idea what to expect.  Watching my food today because I’m out of weeklies and getting in some activity, but the lower amount of sleep hours might affect it.  AH! Why do so many factors have to go in to the scale?  Why can’t the body just stay at one weight permanently?  That’d just fix all of our problems, wouldn’t it?

Hope all is well out in the world of WW! Let’s keep going! =)


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