Still in Lifetime!

Finals week took its toll on me.  I couldn’t exercise as much as I wanted.  Then my friend had to treat me to that dinner on Wednesday that was too good.  So a gain was expected.  But I’m still within my Lifetime range, so I’m happy!

I’m so ready for a new week with new points, activity points to earn, and to get back to where I want to be.  With school over, I’ll have a good structure.  I know I have a birthday dinner coming up on Tuesday, but I’m going to do my darnedest to stay OP on it.  My friend tends to pick the most obscure places he can so looking up points will be difficult, but I’ll keep it reasonable.

In my meeting this morning, our Leader brought up a question:  There is always something that you can do to be better in your weight loss program.  What can you work on this week?

I’m feeling rather strong in my tracking abilities now that I’ve gotten over the fear of running out of weeklies, now I just need to concentrate on self control and portions.  If I have a schedule in place for workouts I do just fine.  I get in my water (about 100 oz a day) and most GHG’s.

What are you going to work on to be better this week? =)


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