Mood & Health- Optimal!

Last night, my only activity turned out to be my push ups and ab moves, but at least I did something… and today I’m feeling great!  I ended up doing about 25 full push ups total, as well as about 9 modified, during 3 different sets.  My arms got to the shaking point, so I’m thinking that’s a good thing! 

This morning, I went for a yearly exam and they checked my blood pressure.  When the doc read the numbers, I was almost afraid he was going to say it was too low since I’m not all that learned in blood pressure counts except that 120/80 was normal and that’s what I had right after starting WW.  I just did my research on my numbers, which were 102/60, and found that that is a Low Normal number generally found in athletes and children.  A very healthy blood pressure number apparently!  (I’ve never considered myself an athlete so I’m rather shocked… but pleased!)

Just finished my second cup of green tea this morning, and my mind is clear and I’m ready to accomplish a lot today.  I recently read that 2-4 cups of green tea a day is optimal for mind clarity and giving my bodies metabolism a sharp boost.  That means, I’ll probably have another around 2 o’clock just to be safe ;)

So not only am I feeling good emotionally, but feeling good physically!  It’s such a meraviglioso* feeling!  I know I’ve said this before (like a long time ago), but why do I ever let myself lose control when I feel so great knowing that I’m doing my body good?  Exercising, eating healthy foods in the right portions, taking my vitamins, and all that… it really does make a difference!  And when it shows, it just makes you want to keep going. 

What are you going to do today to give a little boost to your weight loss program?


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