A Glee-Ful Weekend

I’m so proud of myself! Not only did I have a blast at the Glee Live concert last night, but I’ve been so OP I’m surprised! Usually when I travel at all, my plans to stay on plan go a little caput. Maybe my weigh in Friday before I left town helped some… I weighed in at just a little beneath my goal! Booyah!

My snacks during my 6 hours drives have been good, tasty and good for me. I’ve been drinking my water. I walked around in Arizona yesterday while meeting my new friend and trying to find some place to eat. We stopped at a Thai food place and I got the pad thai but only ate half. It was way filling! After the concert, we even went and did karaoke where I tried one drink. Still OP and within my points and everything! Then today, I got good snacks for my drive home like those little package cups of pineapple and a snack wrap and parfait from McDonalds. So I’ve been on plan and fairly active! Tonight is dancing night and I can’t wait to go bust it with my girl. And on top of that all… everything is tracked! Yes, an active and plan friendly weekend while traveling.. this is a first for me and I’m so thrilled!

Ok, I have to talk about the Glee concert now. AMAZING! My goodness, one of the very best concerts I’ve seen in a while. The energy, stamina, vocals, dancing, and pyrotchnics were all pretty much awesome. Those people are so unbelievably talented… and so much better in person in every way. I actually never thought Finn was cute until last night! Santana can really wail! Sometimes it seemed like she was straining a little bit, but I love that they showcase her voice more–she’s really quite good. She was the best surprise of the show, I must say. Rachel and Mercedes hit INSANE notes, like multiple times during the course of the night. I can’t recall any of them ever cracking or anything. It was a flawless performance besides a couple microphone issues. Curt was simply fabulous! He even gave a wave those of us who waited by the doors for them to show up to prepare for the show, along with Puck. The person who stole the show though was Mercedes. Her emotion and vocals were spot on and her energy was carried clear to the back of the humongous Dodge Theater. The energy from the cast was so strong that I could feel the chemistry between Rachel and Finn when they sang together *sigh*

Oh and I was interviewed by USA Today about the concert… check it out at their website under their Life section if you want ;)

I drive home Tuesday after a day of rest tomorrow since I’ve driven for 5+ hours for each of the past 3 days… I need a break! Haha. Staying OP while travelling is actually really nice. It’s like I can still have fun and enjoy myself without going overboard. LOVE!

Gotta fly but I hope you all are having a great weekend!


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