Ugh… I hate coming home.  It’s so depressing.  And it doesn’t help that I always come home to rain and I hate rain!

On the upside–my pants feel looser!  Now if only the buttocks would firm up.  That’s the tough part.  Must have been all the dancing this weekend though.  It was so fun!  Much needed. 

Stress from home evaded me until I hit Vegas in a sense, then something “started”, and last night a whole bunch of carp hit the fan in the cleanest yet messiest way ever.  If that made any sense to you, you are now my new best friend.  ;)  Zumba tonight will help. I find that being active helps keep my mind off it.  But hopefully I can take care of the issue after work. A lot of my weeklies have gone to… ahem… yeah. Helpers of stress in the means of chocolate and alcohol.  Luckily the dancing balances it out nicely!  Haha!

Oh my gosh! I just remembered I’m going to a black tie gala dinner tomorrow night. Eesh, I don’t know what to wear, what food will be served or anything!  Hopefully something tasty but still plan friendly. 

Is it bad to go below the 2 pound leeway for your Lifetime?  What happens if you do?  I’ve been curious about this lately.


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