Dress to Impress

So tonight is the Chamber of Commerce Giants of UT gala.  And I’m going!  My aunt works with the chamber and my office was invited to attend, so I asked if I could go since I attended a couple years ago. 

I have no idea what they are serving for food.  The last time I went to this, I helped with seating people, and I can’t recall what was served.  I wasn’t with WW at the time I know that.  So let’s hope it’s fairly healthy meals.  I’ll be careful and aware of what I eat tonight.

This is a black-tie and gown kind of event.  So I get to wear a pretty dress.  The dress that I chose to wear, I actually bought before WW so it’s a little big but you really can’t tell which is really lucky.  There were no other real choices because prom dresses aren’t exactly gala appropriate.  And this dress is gorgeous! I’ll have to post a picture or something because it’s truly stunning.  It’s not very often that I get to dress up in a dress and curls (aka: be a girl) so I’m quite excited for this! Now onto something else…

My good friend messaged me last night, asking if I thought she was pretty with the way she does her hair and what clothes she wears.  She’s a sexy little thing because of her confidence–always has been.  And that on top of her good looks?  It’s almost not fair.  But her uncertainty threw me for a loop. 

People say confidence is the key to being attractive right?  But does that mean that confidence can be faked?  Just like after a bad nights sleep and we feel like carp, but we throw on one of our favorite outfits.  Or those people who have had rough times behind them yet go out every day and pretend like its all ok.  It’s not a real fix for the problem, yet it masks it.  It fakes the image.  And you know what?  In a way, it helps!  It’s a little boost.  Even if you don’t want to smile, it can make you feel better.  Even seeing others smile can give someone a lift!  It’s similar to how if you are in a bad mood but force a laugh.  Laughing itself releases a oxytocin or something like that to make you feel better.

Imagine how many people you affect even if you smile through your bad day.  It may even help you.


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