Medicinal Comfort Food

I was actually surprised at how much comfort food helped me after breaking up with my boyfriend on Friday!  Wanna know why?

I chose only foods that I loved and it lasted through the weekend pretty much.  It was that much more satisfying.  Seriously, as I was crying in the car on my way to my friends house, I was eating a Cadbury chocolate bar and the empty space in my chest filled.  Of all the treats I bought (all helped), the Cadbury was the most effective in filling that gap.  My love for all things England must be that strong… haha!

The second part of it was that after I felt better, I stopped eating, so I didn’t go horribly overboard.  Like when I went to Dennys, I didn’t finish my turkey sandwich, cheese fries, or my oreo milkshake.  Satisfaction was mine quickly.  No idea how that worked out but it was nice! 

Stepped on the scale this morning to see the damage and it was very minimal. Won’t be hard to work off.

The only bad thing about this weekend?  I didn’t track.  Oops. I’m back with it today, but it’s weird not tracking.

How was your weekend?


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