Nervous Energy

I’m nervous.  In less than an hour, I’ll have a new little object in my body.  Ok, that could be totally taken the wrong way… but it’s a good thing, I swear!

The reason I’m nervous is because of the pain I could be in during the insertion and after.  I’ve read absolutely horrifying stories about the pain during and the cramping that could go on for days after. Not every story was like that.  But a majority of them that matched my situation said they were in agonizing pain.  Not very encouraging.  So I just ate string cheese and strawberries so I could take some ibuprofen to help.

As far as the potential cramping goes… Zumba is tonight! I never miss it and I’m afraid that I’ll be in so much pain that I won’t be able too. Stupid experience stories. I just didn’t want to go in unprepared so I read them and now I’m kicking myself. Zumba is my life on Wednesdays…

OH SCHNIPE! I just remembered I’m getting fitted for a bridesmaid dress tonight too!  My BFF is engaged and is having a dinner and fitting tonight at her house…. great. I was going to head over right after Zumba, but who knows if that will happen. As if I needed anything else to worry about. I’m already bloated. Luckily the wedding isn’t for another 10 months and this is just the initial fitting. But still what if the pain is so bad I can’t get out of bed to go to even that?  She’d probably bury me alive.

A lot more on my plate to be nervous about then I thought. I need to drive to the doctor’s office now… *gulp* Wish me luck!


Stir Crazy

Only on day 2 of this week and I’m already going nuts!

Yesterday, I had work then met with my gay buddy for dinner and to see a play. Read: sitting activities. No activity.

Today, yet again I’m at the office in a spindly chair. I’m lucky I drink so much water and have to use the woman’s facilities every hour or else I’d surely die of stagnancy. And I have a dinner date tonight as well. I’m glad it’s a place where I have a go-to meal that doesn’t kill me in the points department.

As much as I want to use my lunch break for walking, I don’t have proper shoes.  And I like using my lunch break for my writing activities like blogging and my fictional works.

Maybe since I have a bit of a break between work and dinner, I’ll head over to the outdoor mall and walk around for a while. I have a book I want to buy too… two birds with one stone? Me thinks yes. But now I’m back to the problem of no appropriate shoes.  I wore 4 inch heels to work today.  There are flip flops in my car but they are noisy and my toes are way too ghetto right now to be set on innocent bystanders.

What to do, what to do…

Tommy Loves Chocolate

Ugh. No matter how glad I am that Tommy is visiting much earlier than expected (actually on the day it was consistently starting on for months before April), it means several things.

  • I’m not pregnant! Haha… not possible regardless so I’m totally kidding.
  • The three day curse hit on my Saturday weigh-in… so much for staying the same from my WI from Italy. I was up because of Tommy. He’s just out to get me.
  • My appetite has a slight increase. And when I say slight, its selective only for junk food.
  • Reeses peanut butter cups seem to be the only cure for my PMS.They work so well, who cares if they are bad for me.
  • Cadbury works too.
  • Vocal chords swell while Tommy is here, so half the stuff I recorded yesterday isn’t my best… only one was MAYBE post-worthy.
  • I’m insanely emotional. Sigh. I feel bad for all of the people I made plans with this week. Let’s hope I can keep it together.
  • Exercise makes me feel better though. Unfortunately said plans above are going to keep me from doing so until Wednesday night Body Pump and Zumba.
    (and even then I’m not sure it will happen! that depends on how much cramping I’ll be experiencing. Anyone ever had an IUD? Can we talk? lol)

Yeah, so there’s my sap story. Still enthusiastic about eating right!  Just with a dose of emotions and Reeses thrown into the mix.

How was your weekend?

No Processing Please!

So I’ve been thinking a lot these past few days about processed foods and how bad they can be for our body… And yes, Italy inspired this concept too because of all their natural homemade food and how much better it was.

Usually for lunch at work, I bring in a Lean Cuisine or Healthy Choice meal of some sort.  I’m quite familiar with the Nutritional Information and ingredients on the backs of those.  They are loaded with sodium, sugar, and actually have a lot of chemicals shoved in them to keep them preserved.  Sure it’s low calorie, potentially low fat and good fiber, but what it all comes down to is those meals really aren’t that beneficial to a body.  In fact, there are days when I find I’m starving just after an hour of eating one.  Obviously not very filling! Processed food tends be a load of junk overall… our bodies surely don’t need that except in small portions and sparingly so we don’t go completely crazy.

That’s why I’m thinking of branching away from such foods. Sticking with more natural things… like instead of bringing a Lean Cuisine, I can make a turkey sandwich with low-fat cheese, lettuce, and whole grain bread and pair it with a side of some kind of fruit. Probably more tasty, more nutritional, and I’d feel better about what I’m putting in my body.  It will be a weaning process for sure. Plus it will give me more opportunities to cook which I need to work on anyways. A new “trying” experience… =)

Has anyone else taken this step to move away from highly processed foods? Easy? Hard? Worth it? What are your thoughts on this?

Gotta Love Trying!

Italy has given me a thirst to try nearly everything… While there, I tried gnocchi and an amazing pesto pasta, and though I didn’t like the gnocchi so much–I’m glad I tried it!  It’s also the “can’t kick it until you try it” thing.  I didn’t try the bidets because I had no idea how they worked, but that’s a different story…XD

Anyhoo, this week though I’m trying things like crazy!  Like last night, I tried the Body Pump class at my gym for the first time and then did Zumba right after.  Let me tell ya, I’m really feeling it today in my lower body!  The combo of 60 minutes of weight training (intense!!) and 60 minutes of cardio was very doable!  I was a little nervous to try for fear of not being able to make it all the way through the 2 hours, but I think I did all right for the first try! Kicked that fear in the booty and it’s definitely feeling that way today…

And over the weekend, I even tried to allow myself to really be close to someone besides my best friend.  My goal is to work down my walls that I’ve constructed for years to protect myself gradually.  It was a challenge but it felt great and rewarding in the end.  Plus, I’ve found a really great new friend in the process.  I’m also starting to make more of an effort to hang with all of my friends–definitely a challenge but will be worth it in the long run.  Even my cousin and I are thinking of going on a hike together soon (she’s on WW too!).

And today, I’m itching to try the tuna salad being offered for lunch in our work dining room.  I get to apply my own dressing and I can go easy on the feta cheese.  The dining room now has this thing where they mark the meals under 500 calories with hearts and that was there so I thought it would be cool to try it even though I hate seafood (except clam chowder and canned tuna–which is different than the tuna being served today). Now that tells you something has flipped a switch in me if I’m that nonchalant about trying fish!

I’m even anxious to try new clothing and new hairstyles, play around
with things especially dresses, braids and wavy hair, and spunky colors
for makeup.  Fashion is something that I’m starting to look at a bit differently… it’s weird but totally thrilling!

I’m not sure whether to categorize this as a love of experience, trying new things in general, or a new found love of life… either way, things are very good and I’m having a blast  =)  Trying things keep me inspired to stick with everything I want to do.  I love it!

Oh and guess what I’m trying this Saturday morning?….

A pole dancing fitness class!  The girl who does my nails told me last week that she teaches them for only $15 bucks so I’m really looking forward to attending. I was wondering how she kept in such great shape after having a baby… haha!

What’s something new that you’ve tried lately? Was it a success or a learning experience?

Ciao Italia… e Ciao Tutti!

How I left my WW blog without a proper send-off I’ll never know… I can’t even remember if I announced that I was even going to Italy.  Nonetheless, I’m telling you now after the fact.

From June 2 – 17, I was in the lovely land of Italia!  Started in Rome then hit Florence, Tuscany (Pisa, Siena, San Gimignano), Venice, Verona, Milan, Cinque Terre then back to Rome to fly home… And guess what?  I maintained through the trip. VICTORY!! I didn’t track, didn’t stop myself from eating anything that would be considered “bad” for me, and even had the occasional wine (ok, maybe one bottle during one night–I wanted my Euros worth!).

Foodwise, there was no way I even tried to do WW.  Breakfast was provided by all of out hotels, B&B’s, etc and I had a habit of trying every pastry and topping my biscuits with Nutella (first time trying it there–I was hooked). We ate out every single day and it more often than not included either authentic Italian pizza or pasta.  Hey, we needed those carbs to keep our energy up!  Then there was the gelato… oh boy, the gelato was my favorite!  I think there was maybe one day on the entire trip that we didn’t eat gelato. It’s hard not to miss it now.

So if we were eating like that, what kept me from gaining?  All the blasted walking we were doing. In order to see everything, I was ushering my travel buddy from place to place.  I kept a pedometer over the trip and we were walking 3-5 miles a day at least.  Yes, we kept quite active, even more so on “travel” days when we had to haul our luggage along with us in order to swap cities. Not to mention the stairs… I’ll never look at them the same way again (even though they could be the reason for my now amazing legs… haha).  There were a couple nights where we hit the sack early because we worked ourselves so hard.  My travel buddy even said all her clothes were fitting loosely by the end.  She said I should have a traveling weight loss program because of all the exercise I made her get because of all the places we just “had to see.”  Haha!  Even on our “lazy days” we got more than a mile of walking.  I’m thinking she’s onto something with that idea… Make bank, travel, and stay in shape?  I’m game! Haha…

Oooh, bonus points though in Milan! There was a park we decided to randomly go to and guess what? It had a fitness festival going on! And that’s not the least of it… A few minutes after we found it–I heard ZUMBA MUSIC! I died and went to heaven. So in the 86 degree weather with way too much humidity, in jeans and a t-shirt, I did Zumba… in the middle of Milan. It was pretty much amazing! And I was positively drenched within a couple minutes. LOVED IT!

So now I’m home practically a new woman!  Tanner, more firm (I can definitely feel/see the difference!), and with a new confidence that has almost gotten me into trouble a couple times in the last few days.

So tell me… what have I missed here? Please fill me in =)