Ciao Italia… e Ciao Tutti!

How I left my WW blog without a proper send-off I’ll never know… I can’t even remember if I announced that I was even going to Italy.  Nonetheless, I’m telling you now after the fact.

From June 2 – 17, I was in the lovely land of Italia!  Started in Rome then hit Florence, Tuscany (Pisa, Siena, San Gimignano), Venice, Verona, Milan, Cinque Terre then back to Rome to fly home… And guess what?  I maintained through the trip. VICTORY!! I didn’t track, didn’t stop myself from eating anything that would be considered “bad” for me, and even had the occasional wine (ok, maybe one bottle during one night–I wanted my Euros worth!).

Foodwise, there was no way I even tried to do WW.  Breakfast was provided by all of out hotels, B&B’s, etc and I had a habit of trying every pastry and topping my biscuits with Nutella (first time trying it there–I was hooked). We ate out every single day and it more often than not included either authentic Italian pizza or pasta.  Hey, we needed those carbs to keep our energy up!  Then there was the gelato… oh boy, the gelato was my favorite!  I think there was maybe one day on the entire trip that we didn’t eat gelato. It’s hard not to miss it now.

So if we were eating like that, what kept me from gaining?  All the blasted walking we were doing. In order to see everything, I was ushering my travel buddy from place to place.  I kept a pedometer over the trip and we were walking 3-5 miles a day at least.  Yes, we kept quite active, even more so on “travel” days when we had to haul our luggage along with us in order to swap cities. Not to mention the stairs… I’ll never look at them the same way again (even though they could be the reason for my now amazing legs… haha).  There were a couple nights where we hit the sack early because we worked ourselves so hard.  My travel buddy even said all her clothes were fitting loosely by the end.  She said I should have a traveling weight loss program because of all the exercise I made her get because of all the places we just “had to see.”  Haha!  Even on our “lazy days” we got more than a mile of walking.  I’m thinking she’s onto something with that idea… Make bank, travel, and stay in shape?  I’m game! Haha…

Oooh, bonus points though in Milan! There was a park we decided to randomly go to and guess what? It had a fitness festival going on! And that’s not the least of it… A few minutes after we found it–I heard ZUMBA MUSIC! I died and went to heaven. So in the 86 degree weather with way too much humidity, in jeans and a t-shirt, I did Zumba… in the middle of Milan. It was pretty much amazing! And I was positively drenched within a couple minutes. LOVED IT!

So now I’m home practically a new woman!  Tanner, more firm (I can definitely feel/see the difference!), and with a new confidence that has almost gotten me into trouble a couple times in the last few days.

So tell me… what have I missed here? Please fill me in =)


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