Gotta Love Trying!

Italy has given me a thirst to try nearly everything… While there, I tried gnocchi and an amazing pesto pasta, and though I didn’t like the gnocchi so much–I’m glad I tried it!  It’s also the “can’t kick it until you try it” thing.  I didn’t try the bidets because I had no idea how they worked, but that’s a different story…XD

Anyhoo, this week though I’m trying things like crazy!  Like last night, I tried the Body Pump class at my gym for the first time and then did Zumba right after.  Let me tell ya, I’m really feeling it today in my lower body!  The combo of 60 minutes of weight training (intense!!) and 60 minutes of cardio was very doable!  I was a little nervous to try for fear of not being able to make it all the way through the 2 hours, but I think I did all right for the first try! Kicked that fear in the booty and it’s definitely feeling that way today…

And over the weekend, I even tried to allow myself to really be close to someone besides my best friend.  My goal is to work down my walls that I’ve constructed for years to protect myself gradually.  It was a challenge but it felt great and rewarding in the end.  Plus, I’ve found a really great new friend in the process.  I’m also starting to make more of an effort to hang with all of my friends–definitely a challenge but will be worth it in the long run.  Even my cousin and I are thinking of going on a hike together soon (she’s on WW too!).

And today, I’m itching to try the tuna salad being offered for lunch in our work dining room.  I get to apply my own dressing and I can go easy on the feta cheese.  The dining room now has this thing where they mark the meals under 500 calories with hearts and that was there so I thought it would be cool to try it even though I hate seafood (except clam chowder and canned tuna–which is different than the tuna being served today). Now that tells you something has flipped a switch in me if I’m that nonchalant about trying fish!

I’m even anxious to try new clothing and new hairstyles, play around
with things especially dresses, braids and wavy hair, and spunky colors
for makeup.  Fashion is something that I’m starting to look at a bit differently… it’s weird but totally thrilling!

I’m not sure whether to categorize this as a love of experience, trying new things in general, or a new found love of life… either way, things are very good and I’m having a blast  =)  Trying things keep me inspired to stick with everything I want to do.  I love it!

Oh and guess what I’m trying this Saturday morning?….

A pole dancing fitness class!  The girl who does my nails told me last week that she teaches them for only $15 bucks so I’m really looking forward to attending. I was wondering how she kept in such great shape after having a baby… haha!

What’s something new that you’ve tried lately? Was it a success or a learning experience?


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