Tommy Loves Chocolate

Ugh. No matter how glad I am that Tommy is visiting much earlier than expected (actually on the day it was consistently starting on for months before April), it means several things.

  • I’m not pregnant! Haha… not possible regardless so I’m totally kidding.
  • The three day curse hit on my Saturday weigh-in… so much for staying the same from my WI from Italy. I was up because of Tommy. He’s just out to get me.
  • My appetite has a slight increase. And when I say slight, its selective only for junk food.
  • Reeses peanut butter cups seem to be the only cure for my PMS.They work so well, who cares if they are bad for me.
  • Cadbury works too.
  • Vocal chords swell while Tommy is here, so half the stuff I recorded yesterday isn’t my best… only one was MAYBE post-worthy.
  • I’m insanely emotional. Sigh. I feel bad for all of the people I made plans with this week. Let’s hope I can keep it together.
  • Exercise makes me feel better though. Unfortunately said plans above are going to keep me from doing so until Wednesday night Body Pump and Zumba.
    (and even then I’m not sure it will happen! that depends on how much cramping I’ll be experiencing. Anyone ever had an IUD? Can we talk? lol)

Yeah, so there’s my sap story. Still enthusiastic about eating right!  Just with a dose of emotions and Reeses thrown into the mix.

How was your weekend?


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