Stir Crazy

Only on day 2 of this week and I’m already going nuts!

Yesterday, I had work then met with my gay buddy for dinner and to see a play. Read: sitting activities. No activity.

Today, yet again I’m at the office in a spindly chair. I’m lucky I drink so much water and have to use the woman’s facilities every hour or else I’d surely die of stagnancy. And I have a dinner date tonight as well. I’m glad it’s a place where I have a go-to meal that doesn’t kill me in the points department.

As much as I want to use my lunch break for walking, I don’t have proper shoes.  And I like using my lunch break for my writing activities like blogging and my fictional works.

Maybe since I have a bit of a break between work and dinner, I’ll head over to the outdoor mall and walk around for a while. I have a book I want to buy too… two birds with one stone? Me thinks yes. But now I’m back to the problem of no appropriate shoes.  I wore 4 inch heels to work today.  There are flip flops in my car but they are noisy and my toes are way too ghetto right now to be set on innocent bystanders.

What to do, what to do…


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