Nervous Energy

I’m nervous.  In less than an hour, I’ll have a new little object in my body.  Ok, that could be totally taken the wrong way… but it’s a good thing, I swear!

The reason I’m nervous is because of the pain I could be in during the insertion and after.  I’ve read absolutely horrifying stories about the pain during and the cramping that could go on for days after. Not every story was like that.  But a majority of them that matched my situation said they were in agonizing pain.  Not very encouraging.  So I just ate string cheese and strawberries so I could take some ibuprofen to help.

As far as the potential cramping goes… Zumba is tonight! I never miss it and I’m afraid that I’ll be in so much pain that I won’t be able too. Stupid experience stories. I just didn’t want to go in unprepared so I read them and now I’m kicking myself. Zumba is my life on Wednesdays…

OH SCHNIPE! I just remembered I’m getting fitted for a bridesmaid dress tonight too!  My BFF is engaged and is having a dinner and fitting tonight at her house…. great. I was going to head over right after Zumba, but who knows if that will happen. As if I needed anything else to worry about. I’m already bloated. Luckily the wedding isn’t for another 10 months and this is just the initial fitting. But still what if the pain is so bad I can’t get out of bed to go to even that?  She’d probably bury me alive.

A lot more on my plate to be nervous about then I thought. I need to drive to the doctor’s office now… *gulp* Wish me luck!


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