Time to Say Goodbye

Ever since I’ve been in WW, I’ve been to several different meetings either because I wanted to see if another Leader would work better for me or because I was going on a trip or something like that and couldn’t make it to my normal meeting…

In the past year and a half, I’ve grown quite attached to my Leader.  He rocks my socks.  He’s funny, encouraging, understanding, and always likes to get everyone’s input.  He’s been a Leader for the past couple decades.  He’s just an all around good guy!

But tomorrow will be a sad day indeed… it’s his last day.  My beloved Leader is retiring.  I’m not looking forward to this.  I like him too much to say goodbye. According to him, a Leader that I am familiar with (I have been to her meeting twice because of trips) is taking his place.  When I first heard about her, people said that she was very motivating and the best Leader because she had lost nearly 200 pounds or something.

She just isn’t the Leader for me.  I’m all for Leaders sharing their experiences, but she does it all the time.  What I love most about my current Leader is that the meeting is about the members and our struggles since no one is the same… and not all about him, which is what this other Leader does.  From what I remember, the members hardly ever spoke in her meeting.  We are a talkative group. Hopefully we can break her into how we run things. ;)

Haha, does that sound awful? Bottom line, I don’t want my Leader to go away! His farewell tomorrow morning will be very sad.  My mom and I are bringing him crackers as a joke because whenever he says “Keep your trackers!” it sounds like he says crackers. XD

Have you guys ever had to change Leaders or anything like this before? How did you handle it?


Re-Evaluation Time!

So with my new Operation BU, I’ve decided to do a bit of evaluating of my habits, eating, exercise, so on, and so forth… This also comes with losing my tracking capabilities on WW.

If you remember from about 3 weeks ago, I made the decision to drop my WW eTools subscription because I need to rein in my spending.  This week, it disappeared for good.  This meant that I needed to track my foods elsewhere.  So I turned to SparkPeople.com…. it’s free to track my food and exercise and has an insane database of both, not to mention lots of articles and a good community.  I’m still incredibly partial to my WW community though… You guys are the best, seriously. We have history. I can’t just leave you guys. ;-)

However, there is a huge difference in tracking: SP tracks calories, fat, carbs, protein, and whatever other nutrient you want.  They don’t use a Point system, so these past couple weeks of getting used to that have been interesting to say the least.  I realized this morning that I was eating more than I should be if I wanted to lose a just bit more.  So I changed up my goals there so I’ll be eating 1200-1550 calories a day. Personally, I’m liking the caloric range that SP gives instead of one set number. It let’s me feel not as restricted. I’m not saying the Points system is bad in anyway, but after becoming a Lifetime member, the Point “ceiling” left me feeling restricted/guilty/what have you. So right now, I think this new path is good for me.

Food wise, I’m experimenting more with foods, trying new things, having more substantial breakfasts, and making good choices as often as I possibly can.  I learned recently that people who drink milk (even chocolate) have better success in losing and maintaining because of all it can do to help muscles develop and all the nutrients and vitamins in it.  So I’m working on incorporating it into my day-to-day life more.

On the activity side, I love doing something every day if other life obligations don’t get in the way.  And now, I have Zumba DVD’s that I cannot wait to bust into tonight.

Now I just need to work on keeping this up, make it more automatic, which is why an Operation focusing on such things.  I may be a Lifetime WW member, but there’s still always room to be a better you!

Thus OBU! =) Haha, hope you liked my little analysis of sorts.

How often do you take a step back and take a look at what you are doing at your program, checking to be sure it’s what you want to be doing, and how you can make it better?


Operation Before University!  The acronym came first actually because OBU sounds like “Oh, Be You!” Like be myself while keeping up my healthy habits!  I’d like to thank Heather (madtownmotzie) for her input though!  Back 2 School is what the idea stemmed from. =)

So from now to August 21 (the Saturday before my fall semester at Uni & OSY starts), there’s un new challenge for me! A refresher of criteria? Yes please!

  • Track all the foods/activity/drinks!
  • Swallow vitamins every day!
  • Get some form of activity every day! (Aim for a minimum of 30 minutes)
  • Drink only water, tea, and milk… no soda! In fact, drink more milk.
  • Work on adapting better sleep patterns!
  • Choose wholesome foods 80% of the time! (Aw, come on, I’m being realistic!)

And maybe by the time the school year starts I can be at a steady weight since the summer has been a bit of a small roller coaster.  I missed my weigh in this past weekend because of Vegas, but I’ll WI this Saturday as usual and determine what will be a doable and reasonable goal. Maybe start taking tape measurements as well.

In other news, someone stole my string cheese from the communal fridge by my cubicle.  I’m very, very, very upset about this.
(“You don’t look upset.” — “It’s the botox. I can’t show emotion for an hour and a half!”)
No, but really I am.  I posted a lovely tweet about it, let me tell ya.  Someone said for me not to be a hater, but as long as my stomach is grumbling, I’ll hate all I want, thankyouverymuch!

Back to the positive side of me… let’s go OBU! Man, I love the ring of that. =)

Happy Hump Day everyone!  Good luck getting over whatever humps may be plaguing your day!

The Vegas Report

Water:  Met expectations – A
Soda: Exceeded expectations (none!) – A+
Activity:  Well Balanced – B+

  • Went on a hike with my dad and my puppies
  • Did some pool time
  • More walking around the strip and through casinos than expected
  • … but there was a lot of lounging around, relaxing with my dad. Much sleep was caught up on. =)

Alcohol: Only had one! – A

Now this is where it gets tricky…

Food: TBAA (to be announced after)
My dad is one of those parents who likes the simple meals. Like cereal for breakfast and ordering pizza for dinner.  So I had Cap’n Crunch 2 mornings in a row. I’m so not complaining… I haven’t had that stuff in a few years so it was worth it. Dad did manage to have wheat bread, so I was able to slap together a PBJ.  His fridge was stocked with fresh strawberries and cantaloupe *drool*. We had a BBQ on Sunday that was very good too, with a little chicken, a little steak, beans, corn, and a small redskin potato with the fruit for dessert.
Now we hit the big but
You know how during TOM, your body seems to think it knows what you should eat?  I ran into that problem. I wasn’t aware at the time that Tommy was coming but I should have known because the uncontrollable cravings/urges always hit the day before. My mind was possessed long enough for me to stop at Walmart under the pretense of buying my family the Super Mario Bros for Wii only to come home with a large bag of pretzel M&Ms along with the game. OOOPS!  That stuff is like crack, I swear to Zeus!  My dad tried a few, but ultimately I ate the rest.  In 2 hours.  Someone needs to tie me up and keep me from any grocer/gas station/etc. when those urges strike because who knows what I’ll buy!
So how do I grade this?  I don’t regret eating that bag in the slightest. I don’t see it as me being “bad”… It’s just a learning experience!  So because I learned from my momentary lapse of Tommy-induced judgement, I’m not going to dock myself as much…
Final Food Grade: C+

That works for me! I had a good time! =)

Up next…. Operation Pre-Senior Year!  Starting now until August 20th since the semester starts on the 23rd and that’s when OSY will commence.
Generally, similar things as 52V had for this operation, perhaps just not as intensive, like not an hour of activity every and one glass of tea a day.

  • No soda
  • Activity & tea everyday
  • Make more wholesome food choices than not
  • Keep taking my vitamins
  • Continue to work on getting enough sleep… continually a challenge
  • Track everything! (accidentally left this out last time… eesh!)

Objective: Look good and feel great! Maybe even work towards getting to the solid 150 on the scale… I’m excited for OPSY! Wow. Just realized that that almost looks like oopsy. Um, different name people? I need better beginning karma than an operation that spells oopsy. Haha.

How would you grade your weekend?

52V – Wrapping Up!

Even though yesterday I couldn’t get in any legitimate activity, I walked a bit from the grocery store, around the grocery store, and then walked to the salon that was a few stores down from it. I did eat out for dinner but I made smart choices and had the whole grain option yet again! Seriously I don’t know why I didn’t start eating stuff like that sooner… so much more tasty and satisfying…

All in all, I think 52V was a success!  Got in my vitamins, exercise, tea, made great food choices, and even tried to improve my sleeping patterns.  I’m going to try and keep most of that stuff going through the weekend. I think I want to focus on getting my water–without my routine/72 oz bottle with me, it may be a challenge.  Then make as good of food choices as I can.  Dancing and walking will be high, I’m sure.  Packed my gummy vitamins, forgot the rest of them and the tea… but I think I’ll be ok if I watch myself.

I’m feeling great!  I even woke up at my alarm which I set for 6 AM and I actually got up instead of rolling over and going back to bed. Yeah, pretty sure that never happens.  Mornings aren’t my forte.  Maybe all these things are helping there too.

Except I may need something in the form of lots of vitamins designed to keep you alert for my drive down.  I was up late packing and although I got out of bed easily, the 6 hours of sleep is not enough and I can feel it now.  Lo-carb Monster anyone?

When I return, I have a new Operation in mind (actually going through with 52V makes me want to keep going!).  My senior year of college starts at the end of August and that will be the deadline. Still working out what exactly I want to accomplish, but I’ll have updates on that on Monday/Tuesday!

I hope you all have lovely weekends! Have fun, be safe, keep going with your program, and I’m going to quote my Leader here — “Keep your tracker!” =)

Vegas, here I come!

52V- Almost There!

I forgot my cup of tea last night before bed… but that was because I couldn’t drag myself out of my bed!  Zumba class kicked my trash last night.  Foregoing Body Pump may have been the smartest choice I’ve made all week.

But I leave for Vegas tomorrow after work! OMG!  Yep, pretty sure I cannot wait.  I’m excited to wear my new dress. =)

On the tea front, I just snuck another into my afternoon. And I’m actually surprisingly sore!  Last night in Zumba I noticed that my shoulders were unexpectedly tight.  Me thinks the culprit is yoga since I hadn’t done it in forever.

Scary thought… I may not have time to get in some legitimate activity tonight. I have so much to do before I leave (change the car oil, buy a few things, get my nails fixed–yes that’s legit–, and pack!) that activity may just have to wait.

Yeah and it took me approximately 4 hours to write this!  Sorry about that!  I’ll do a better one tomorrow elaborating how 52V ultimately turns out.


52V – Feeling Great!

I’m really liking this Operation 52V!  I’m not even sure what’s motivating me… maybe it’s the feeling fabulous factor.  And two days in, I’m already feeling quite amazing so I’m excited and pumped to keep going! =)

Yesterday, got my vitamins and my morning tea, had really good-for-me meals, did the stationary bike at the gym for an hour before popping into the yoga class (my flexibility needs a LOT of work… I’ve lost it a little).  I didn’t do tea before bed.  Instead I warmed some skim milk mixed with sugar free cocoa because of my workout.  Milk was needed instead of just heated water–milk has substance and will help me build up my muscles. And I needed some dairy anyway. 

Again, I was in bed by 10, but I didn’t fall asleep til 11 because friends kept texting me and they were people I didn’t want to say good bye too.  I’m trying to build a sleep schedule… even though I know Vegas will completely mess it up.  I’ll just have to get right back into it when I get home. Be in bed (not necessarily sleeping) by 10 and wake up at 6:30.  Wish me luck.  When the school year starts, I wonder how well that will keep up.

My mom recently got this Honey Whole Wheat Bread… and it seriously tastes and feels homemade and truly wholesome!  2 slices for my sandwich last night were so scrumptious that I just had to replicate it for my lunch today.  Don’t you love discovering new good-for-you foods that actually taste good?

I’m on the fence whether I want to do just Zumba tonight or Body Pump beforehand on top of it.  Here are the plus-minus of Body Pump: Give me shmexy muscles but could potentially leave me really sore for the weekend. Will tire me out for Zumba so I won’t be able to give it my all like I want to.  I’ve gotten some great activity this week so I’m thinking maybe just do Zumba then work in some push ups and ab/leg work afterward instead of ensuring pain for the weekend (not exactly ideal for Vegas).  Plus, then I’d be able to get in a good workout tomorrow night too if I’m not sore.  Thoughts?

So far in this operation, I’m feeling great! And this morning, looking in the mirror, I saw some awesome definition in my abs that I hope to improve even a little more.  It’s those darn obliques that are hard to minimize… And my acne is almost back to it’s former glory. WIN! Perhaps all these healthy habits are accelerating their exit…

When it comes to activity, do you like to fit in cardio and strength training on the same day?  Or do you prefer to do them on separate days (like in some kind of weekly schedule)?

52V – On a Roll!

Yesterday turned out quite well as far as Operation 52V started!

Got all of my vitamins. Had my two cups of tea. Exercised for 80 minutes. When I heard my stepdad was making chicken alfredo, I asked him to keep some chicken and pasta to the side without the sauce, topped them with pure Italian olive oil (so YUM!) and Italian seasoning.  Italian chocolate has less preservatives and are more natural than US chocolate bars, so I allowed myself a small piece of one I saved from Italy in our freezer as an after dinner treat. To top it all off, I was in bed by 9:45 and finished reading by 10:15, getting plenty of sleep for today. A perfect day in my book! =)

Today is heading off well too… Started with some stove-top oatmeal with a few dried cranberries, and had some of my pasta leftovers from last night for lunch. Had my tea and taken half of my vitamins.  The gym is definitely calling my name today!  I forgot that there is a yoga class at my gym tonight, so I’m wondering whether to do that or do the bike like I originally planned. It’s the only tolerable yoga instructor at my gym… But if I do yoga, I won’t be able to read like I wanted to on the bike!

I just remembered tonight’s plans got canceled… so I can do both if I want!  Yep, that sounds good to me. =)

What is your favorite way to prepare pasta so that it’s friendly with your plan?

5 To Vegas!

So I’m in a little need of stepping up my game.

A trip to Vegas is coming up this weekend!  I know that doesn’t give me much time and I’m not expecting to see anything drastic.  A recovery from this weekend is definitely needed though.  Went out for dinner both Saturday and Sunday, had a little activity but not much (Pole fitness! I’m getting better!), and my body is certainly feeling it.  Commence Operation 52V!

It’s going to be very, very hot down there. So I will likely be wearing clothes that expose a little more than jeans-and-tees me is used to (including the lovely cream summer dress I bought on sale this weekend).  So the objective here is to feel  fabulous clubbing and at the poolside! =)

Here are my 5 objectives to help me feel fabulous in time for the weekend:

~ Take all of my vitamins and minerals (D-1000, calcium/magnesium/something-else, fish oil, biotin, and of course, my daily gummy)
~ Begin and end each day with a cup of tea
~ Activity every day!
-Monday: Elliptical 67 minute program, arms/abs work.
-Tuesday: Go to the gym and ride a bike for 45-60 minutes, depending on plans.
-Wednesday: Body Pump & Zumba Fitness.
-Thursday: Hoping to do a Zumba DVD if it gets here, if not then elliptical again, major stretching since Body Pump will kick my butt and I know I’ll be sore.
-Friday: Likely dancing the night away in Vegas! =)
~ Make a strong, conscious effort to choose wholesome foods over junk and over-processed things.
~ Stick with water, milk, and tea if I want a drink. No diet soda or alcohol (until I get to Vegas anyways :P).

I’ll document these in my blog this week as I go. Today so far, looking good!  Good breakfast and lunch choices, had about 70 oz of water thus far, gummy and D vitamins knocked out (I take the other ones with dinner), activity is planned for right after work, and had some tea this morning.

I think where I’ll struggle is dinner. It’s never planned and I think I’m due for a date this week and I know for sure that I’m going out with a buddy tomorrow night. Again, I’ll do my best with what I’m given!

Here’s to feeling amazing for this weekend!

What do you do to amp up your program when it’s needed?

The Days of Spanx

The dress I’m wearing today I bought in my junior year of high school.  Looking back then, I never wore this dress without spanx because of the smoothing effect it had on my “curves”.  I didn’t have rolls but I liked the look of a sleeker figure that spanx gave me.

Even though my last pair of spanx ripped nearly a year and a half ago, I have not had the need to wear spanx in a long time!  Every time I’ve worn this dress, spanx are underneath almost without fail.  While walking around today I realized that.  It’s amazing to me to think that I don’t even want to wear them anymore!

What’s scary is that I look better in this dress now than I did in high school. It’s kind of freaking me out. Back then I didn’t realize how… not in shape I was.  Or how badly or how much I was eating.

The biggest thing here is that–my body is pretty much exactly where I want it to be.  Now all it needs is a little more firming in the backside department.

Spanx can only do so much.  They can’t make your habits changes or firm your body up.  That only comes with being aware of what is going into your body in order to alter it so it befits a healthier lifestyle and moving that tush in some way or another.  This program truly is designed for transformations to help us regain control in our lives and our bodies. Gotta love it! =)

Do you long for the day when things like spanx aren’t needed anymore?  Don’t give up wherever you are on your weight loss or maintenance journey! You are worth having a healthy body for!