It’s Darker Just Before the Dawn

So that thing I was talking about yesterday? Didn’t happen… turns out there was a glitch with my body that makes it so my body can’t hold it. Oh, well life goes on and you find something else that will work! (ps: anyone ever tried Loestrin before and if it affected your weight? haha) Thanks everyone though for the well wishes!

What I’m constantly being fascinated by lately is that even though something not-so-good happens, it is usually followed by something great that wouldn’t have happened if the not-so-good hadn’t happened. Case in point: I got to do Body Pump and Zumba last night =)

So my BFF is getting married in a little less than a year, I think I mentioned that yesterday as well, and last night we got the chance to try on our bridesmaid dresses. All I can say is my BFF is the best bride ever… even though I’ve never been a part of a wedding before.  The dresses are amazing!  They are Victoria Secret Convertible dresses that you can wrap and fashion in many, many ways. BFF wants all 6 of us to have ours different.

You know how a lot of brides say you can reuse their bridesmaid dress but more often that not, that is a lie?  I was concerned about this… However, this is one of those dresses that I will probably use for the rest of my life!  No lie… I could use it for anything because of its versatility.  I was having so much fun experimenting and wrapping myself up in weird ways not even listed on the guide card. At one point, my design was so hilarious and made my buhbies look so huge that my BFF had to take a picture as everyone else rolled on the ground in laughter.

But my end result is an original Mikael creation… and it’s hot and perfect and just… yeah… I think it’s the best. The other girls look great too!  But mine is original from my own mind so it makes me feel a little more like it is the right fit for me instead of following a guide card design. It’s all me! BFF said she’d send me the picture so hopefully I can post it here so ya’ll can see.

BFF also would like for me to sing at her wedding… And I’m really tempted to write and produce a song just for them. Piano and violin as the music, me thinks. She said a slow one so that’d be perfect. We’ll see how it turns out!

Can’t wait to go play with my cousins tonight!

Do you believe in karma? Or for every bad thing, there is a good thing?


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