Love/Hate Pain

Last week and this week, I participated in a Body Pump class. It’s 60 minutes full of squats, lunges, chest presses, and lots of arm curling with added weight.

The arm curling and chest presses I can handle.  Barely sore there if at all… but the legs?  Oh mother of everything that is good in this world… My legs are struggling. Reason being I hardly ever do weights with my legs, and haven’t really since high school.  I’m a cardio girl most of the time. Mistake number one.

Last week, I was sore for 5 days after the class. Walking, sitting, laying down, everything was cause for excruciating pain. Yes, it was that bad.  Massaged it myself, sat in the hot tub, took pain pills… nothing worked!  And after this weeks class where I used less weight than my first week (I figured I had just overdone it), I thought it was going better… and it sort of is?  The pain isn’t as extreme but it is so there. When I got home from a local theme park last night, I seriously was curled in a ball on my bed… It took me an hour to want to pry myself from it just to wash my face and brush my teeth. And then I forgot to set my alarm… *sigh*

When will this pain end? The thing is I like the class but the pain that follows is getting really tiresome. I’m tired of having to explain myself whenever someone looks at me funny while walking or sitting.And the pain is just… GAH!

On the plus side, I can totally see and feel a difference down my legs and in my badonkadonk. Heck yes!  Haha… another plus is that I’m sleeping on my back more which is the “best” sleeping position for someone to sleep in, especially someone with jaw problems. It’s just that once I collapse on my bed, I’m too sore to want to move… so how I land is how I sleep. I like it!

I definitely want feedback here… How do you guys deal with your post-workout pain when it’s almost unbearable?


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