Lunch Time Review

Trying to enjoy my turkey on oro-wheat sandwich but my stomach isn’t handling it so favorably.  Maybe it’s the cheese?  I noticed other slices were getting slightly moldy so I took one from the other end… culprit or no?

Had a great weekend! I finally just got to relax but I actually got quite a bit done. Here’s how it went:

Friday– Work, got off early to see Eclipse with my family, had a bbq with family, then went to a gay club with some new friends. Made it home by 1 o’clock which was completely fine by me.

Saturday– WI, drove my mom and step-dad to the airport, went to a park downtown where I walked/jogged around the entire thing twice and did some strength too on benches, then relaxed on the grass with my new book (The Dark Divine by Bree Despain) and took a mini-nap before meeting a really good friend for lunch at Cafe Rio (best stuff ever!), attended my nail girl’s open house because she’s joined a new fitness place and she teaches a pole fitness class (and I so signed up for a class that is tonight!), went home and had a 3 hour nap, knocked out more of my book, and accompanied a friend to visit a guy friend of hers who had a hot friend.

Sunday– Slept in, made a peanut butter and banana on orowheat sandwich that turned out to be quite tasty, cleaned my room spotless then proceeded to do the whole main part of the house, read some more, attended my friends 4th of July get together and lit off some fireworks.

Monday– Slept in again, cooked some spinach tortellinis and salad with a great friend, chilled with her at the park, walked her home and then back to my house, pulled out my book yet again and finished it, took a nap, hit the pharmacy, then vegged in front of the TV until hitting the sack and opening another book (Marked of the House of Night series).

So both productive and relaxing!  I did graze a little bit with cheetos last night and the ruffles on Independence Day, but it wasn’t horrible. It was nice to veer from my usual routine to recuperate. Sometimes we all need that right?

How was your weekend?


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