Wondering Wednesday

First off, does anyone know if the WW community is offered free or do you have to have an eTools subscription for it?

The reason I ask is that my financial situation is a little… low… from Italy and my income is just going downhill because of my internship this fall so I don’t think I’ll be able to afford the eTools much longer. I’ll still track, either by a 3 month tracker or one of the websites that offers free tracking.  I know the Points tracker is for sure included with the eTools, but other than that I have no idea what is free and what isn’t. I’d still like to stick around in the community and that’s why I’m asking. The blogs I read are so inspirational and enlightening and everyone is pretty much amazing… Saying goodbye just isn’t an option for me.

If any of you are on SparkPeople (where I’d likely track my food), please tell me! =)

Next question(s) to those of you who are on or have been on birth control pills: Did they affect your ability to lose/maintain weight? Did you notice an increase in appetite when you started taking them?

Thanks everyone!


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